Cardiometabolic Health Congress to Host Women’s Masterclass in California and 17th Annual Congress in Boston

The authorities in cardiometabolic education at Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) are hosting the Women's Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass in Southern California this September, and will be back in Boston for their 17th Annual Congress this October.

Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, FL, July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the nation’s premier authority in cardiometabolic medicine, CMHC's events are curated by the field’s leading experts to deliver the latest evidence-based interventions to improve health outcomes and quality of life for the growing number of patients at increased cardiometabolic risk. Since its inception in 2006, the annual Fall conference from CMHC has served as the cornerstone of education for medical providers of primary care, cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology, cardio-renal medicine, nutrition, obesity medicine, and many others that care for patients with a web of interrelated conditions. Back in Downtown Boston on October 19-22, 2022, the 17th Annual CMHC will welcome both longtime CMHC contributors and up-and-coming trailblazers to join the lineup of faculty speakers. This mix of pioneers and prodigies is in line with CMHC's mission to laud those that have laid the foundation for cardiometabolic health education, and to continue forging the path that leads to a dedicated cardiometabolic medicine subspecialty.

Attendees of the 17th Annual CMHC will enjoy the historic venue of Boston Park Plaza, the storied New England Autumn, and professional networking with colleagues and industry legends in addition to the weekend's lectures and sessions. A mix of interactive discussions, expert panel roundtables, audience Q&As, and case studies will illuminate clinical topics in a way only in-person educational delivery can.

Always in pursuit of the next industry-defining topic in the cardiometabolic space, CMHC has also announced a new programming concept taking place in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on September 9-11, 2022. Held at the seaside destination resort of Terranea, the Women's Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass will welcome a faculty of luminaries in the cardiometabolic care of women across their lifespans. Topics covered will include hormonal considerations from adolescence through postmenopause, cardiovascular risk and disease presentation, gynecological cancers and their cardiometabolic implications, and more issues vital for any provider who cares for women to understand.

The retreat-style Women's Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass will harness Terranea's rustic coastal landscape, encouraging attendees to connect with themselves and nature through several guided wellness actives. In addition to the enlightening clinical sessions, audience members will enjoy the field-to-fork dining, award-winning golf course, pampering spa sessions, and raw beauty of the Southern California seascape.

Space at both the Boston Park Plaza and Terranea Resort are limited, so CMHC recommends that interested providers register as soon as possible for both in-demand Fall conferences to reserve their spot.


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