Flash News: OKX Launches new Earn product with Smart Gain and Platform Rewards for Savings

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform, has issued business updates for the week of August 23, 2022:

OKX Earn launches Smart Gain

OKX now offers fixed-term investment solutions with auto profit-taking features with Smart Gain. Users can invest BTC or ETH to get stable returns of between 3% and 20% APY.

If the spot price of the invested crypto reaches the "profit-taking" price on the maturity date, Smart Gain will secure the profits by converting the principal and interest into USDT automatically.

OKX launches Platform Rewards

Platform Rewards on Earn Savings now provide users with the ability to circumvent high supply (compared to the demand for lending) with a bonus APY reward regardless of whether their assets are lent or not.

Any amount above the Bonus Limit will be subject to the normal matching mechanics found within the Earn Savings product, according to which users can accrue interest whenever their assets are lent out.

Gain up to 52% APY with BTC, ETH, and LAT Staking

OKX will launch BTC, ETH and LAT staking at 03:00 am UTC on Aug 24th, 2022. Spots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

BTC, ETH, and LAT Staking rewards at a glance:

StakeEarnProductTermTotal Subscription LimitIndividual LimitAPY
BTCLATStaking15 Days420 BTC0.2 BTC10%
ETHLATStaking15 Days4,400 ETH2 ETH12%
LATLATStaking15 Days90,000,000 LAT75,000 LAT52%

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