SEO Tips in Light of July’s Product Algorithm Update

London, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In July 2022, Google introduced its new product review algorithm update. 

This update is the fourth in a series of updates which aim to target low-quality reviews and promote review content that is beyond the standard templated information in its search results rankings.

Essentially, Google has begun rewarding websites with insightful review content by ranking them above those with low quality reviews. This new update will only really impact product review content. 

To ensure your page ranks highly, Google advises that businesses focus their attention on putting together more detailed, unique and insightful product review content to ensure it also differentiates from your competition. 

Speaking of this new update, James Speyer, Senior Account Strategist at The Brains, says:

“It’s still too early to say exactly how this update will impact review pages and websites, but yet another update from Google focused on review content appears to be a clear indicator that they’re still working carefully to manage disingenuous review content that rates products without any genuine knowledge of the item that is being reviewed.

The message is pretty clear from Google. They are intent on delivering honest and trustworthy reviews from legitimate product testers. This is likely not the last update we’ll see on product reviews as Google tests and refines the new sets of results this update gets.”

  • James Speyer, Senior Account Strategist, The Brains

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