MIRAMAR, FL, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stemtech Corporation (“Stemtech”) (OTCQB: STEK), an innovative nutraceutical company and a pioneer in the field of stem cell nutrition, today announced that it has issued a Letter of Intent to acquire Life Factor Research, a scientific research and development company.

Stemtech Corporation President and Chief Operating Officer, John W. Meyer, said “the acquisition of Life Factor Research (LFR) provides Stemtech with an important in-house Research and Development Division which will provide all stem cell nutrition, other stem-ceuticals, skin care and more cutting-edge ‘revolutionary’ stem cell products. This acquisition is made to position Stemtech at the very scientific forefront of advanced stem cell technology, developing more health-benefit products as well as expanding our Independent Business Partner base, enabling them to have a higher income earning opportunity.”

Charles S. Arnold, Stemtech Corporation Chairman and CEO stated that “with the addition of LFR to the Stemtech family of global companies, we will be able to develop more new health benefit products to provide improved quality of life, anti-aging and longevity products for our Independent Business Partners and numerous international customers.” In addition, “having LFR with their extensive expertise in new technologies enables Stemtech to bring more sophisticated products to market at a faster pace, which will spur the expansion we project. The stem cell industry on the whole is reporting tremendous growth prospects with substantial investments in stem pharma, stem cell therapy and stem cell nutrition. As Stemtech pioneered stem cell nutrition, so now is our time to accelerate further into the future, and this acquisition gives us the best research team to do so”.

Life Factor Research CEO, Charles “Cliff” Layton says “having spent the last 35-plus years building the relationships which have enabled LFR to participate in creating the proprietary formulas, using compounds and proven technologies, we are extremely optimistic as to what an alliance with Stemtech will afford us. Our desire to create and control category leading nutraceuticals has been and will continue to be our focus. When combined with the technologies and distribution present in the current Stemtech model, we see levels of success obtainable by working together that could very well redefine much of what the market holds as standards and platitudes today.”

About Life Factor Research

Life Factor Research (LFR) is a multifaceted technology company serving the nutraceutical space, established in March 2020. LFR bases its rapid amassing of assets to the decades of industry relationships formed prior to launching. LFR specializes in identifying market needs and trends, locating and aggregating innovative technologies, intellectual property, and proprietary ingredients to formulate, validate and produce products that are by design disruptive to the market and proprietary in nature. LFR is a relationship centric company that has unique strategic relationships in formulation and manufacturing. The Company’s focus is set on product concepts, formulas, patents, and scientific studies that support a uniqueness that is currently not being met in the industry. LFR's market separation is based on the most meaningful metric in play – scientifically validated performance. Innovative product development expands into therapeutic skincare, sleep, pain, systemic inflammation, and more.

LFR enjoys distribution partner relationships that reach into the Direct Sales space, Independent Representative world and has created and managed several online marketing campaigns, all of which are overseen from within the LFR ranks.

About Stemtech Corporation

Stemtech Corporation, a leading nutraceutical company with a direct sales distribution model, was founded on April 18, 2018, after acquiring the operations from its predecessor Stemtech International, Inc. which was founded in 2005. From 2010 through 2015, Stemtech International, Inc., was recognized four separate times on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies list. In 2018, the Company underwent an extensive executive reorganization, and continued operations under new leadership. Stemtech specializes in creating products and formulas that are patent protected in the U.S. and in select international markets. The Company’s patented formulas help the release, circulation and migration of the body’s adult stem cells from its bone marrow. The Company markets its products under the following brands: RCM System, stemrelease3, Stemflo® MigraStem, OraStem® (Oral Health Care), and D-Fuze (EMF blocker). Its nutraceutical products are all-natural, plant-based and manufactured under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) under the auspices of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). For more information, please visit

Forward-Looking Statements

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