Revolutionary Test Offers Cancer Pts. Chance to Improve Outcomes 200%

Newport Beach, California, United States , Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every living cell has an enemy – Superman had Kryptonite, Nightwalkers had Dragonglass, and cancer has chemotherapy when properly prescribed!

According to Gregory DiRienzo, CEO of Integrative Cancer Centers of America (, chemotherapy known to kill one patient’s cancer, may very well not kill another's – even with an identical diagnosis! 

What's equally troubling according to DiRienzo, is that a 2019 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine states only 20% (19 of 93) of cancer chemo's fast-tracked through the U.S. FDA’s accelerated approval process, ever ending up extending the patient’s life. 

Moreover, with the hundreds of chemo's, chemo combinations, and/or targeting agents available on the marketplace, how an oncologist know which medicine will work best for treating that patient’s unique cancer cells?  

They probably won’t -- for most oncologists can only prescribe medicines that 1) approved through clinical trials, 2) have passed, often, overly restrictive NCCN guidelines, and/or 3) unavailable as an insurance reimbursable. 

Fortunately, ICCA’s medical team can select with great certainty, exactly which medicine will work best at killing that patient’s unique cancer cells, not someone else's!

The test will also reveal which medicine(s) or combination do not work for that patient’s unique cancer cells, thus reducing potential life-threatening treatment time, unnecessary treatment costs, and potentially damaging side effects. 

Regrettably, “average” treatments only produce “average” outcomes, with many, many patients often failing to show any favorable treatment outcomes when just “average” medicines are prescribed! 

Over 12,500 tumor profiles have been performed to date – with many studies showing a 200% higher response rate than patients who did not undergo the tumor profiling. 

This is a huge game changer for any cancer patient: 1) whose medicine has failed to work 2) wants to receive the best medicine the first time, and 3) greatly assist the oncologist in selecting the absolute best medicine available for that patient's particular cancer!

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