Call for Nominations for the Canadian Open Data Awards

Winners to be announced at the 2022 Canadian Open Data Summit in Whitehorse, Yukon November 7th

TORONTO, Sept. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Open Data Society is pleased to open the nominations period for the Canadian Open Data Awards, with a deadline of October 1, 2022.

The Awards are made in eight different categories, including:
1. Open Data Accessibility Award - Improving access to open data
2. Open Data for Democracy Award - Fostering democracy through advocating open data and increasing engagement
3. Open Data Equity Award - Mobilizing open data to ensure groups of people are given the same resources or opportunities
4. Open Data Innovation Award - Innovation with open data
5. Open Data Quality Award - Completeness, consistency, and standardization of open data
6. Open Data Rising Star - Best instance of some of or all the above five achievements from a fledgling organization
7. Canadian Open Data Excellence Award 2022 - Best overall submission from all the nominated organizations
8. Canadian Open Data Leader of the Year - Individual award recognizing national/international leadership in Open Data by a Canadian.

Anyone can nominate someone else for an award except members of the jury, members of the CODS board of directors, and hosts of the Canadian Open Data Summit 2022. There is no date limit on the achievements submitted; they can cover 2022 or an extended period of contributions.

The Awards Gala has been held in different Canadian cities such as Ottawa, Fredericton, Edmonton, Niagara Falls, Montreal as far back as 2015.

For more information about how to submit a nomination click here.


The Canadian Open Data Society is a membership-based national non-profit organization that provides education and resources for the publication and use of Open Data.

Open Data is woven into our lives already via weather forecasts, electoral results analyses, crime reports, and charitable activities, as well as transit schedules embedded into online mapping applications. But a universe of actionable insights remains untapped in the data generated daily by fields as diverse as genealogy, scientific observations, public records, and program impact measurements. Publications and usage of, and insights from Open Data have serious untapped potential to transform the world, offering unlimited possibilities for social, economic and civic development.

Open Data publication now encompasses non-profits, the private sector, and governments; all can contribute and benefit.


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