Introducing Transcend Communities: The Evolution of Home Building

Green Builder Media announces a partnership with California-based prefab home manufacturer Dvele to launch Transcend Communities.

Lake City Colorado, UNITED STATES

Lake City, Colo., Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After several years of searching for just the right prefab home builder partner, Green Builder Media has joined forces with Dvele to create Transcend Communities—beautiful, net zero, all-electric, healthy, resilient, connected, solar-powered home communities.

Configurable to a buyer’s lifestyle, preferences, climate zone, and lot orientation and size, Transcend homes can be manufactured, delivered, and installed onsite in under 6 months, bringing a new level of sustainability, intelligence, and comfort to the housing sector.

The Transcend project will launch with a demonstration home located in the stunning San Juan mountains of Colorado. Modern and sophisticated, the VISION House Transcend reimagines the future of housing, incorporating sustainable design, building science best practices, and innovative technologies to optimize the occupant experience and reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

The high-performance building envelope systems, insulation, windows, radiant heating and cooling, water heating, appliances, and lighting will enable the home to achieve net zero energy, while the smart controls and battery storage system will augment demand-side energy management. To enhance resiliency and wildfire risk mitigation, the home will be built with light gauge recycled steel and exterior materials with high fire ratings.

The VISION House Transcend will also boast a whole-home proactive indoor air quality system and radon detector to ensure healthy air, as well as water-conserving plumbing fixtures, water filtration systems, leak detection, water monitoring systems, and hot water recirculation systems.

The home will be powered by Dvele’s proprietary intelligent-living platform, DveleIQ, which has been designed with extreme efficiency and comfort in mind. 

“Green Builder Media chose Dvele as its partner for Transcend because of the company’s cutting-edge technology, extreme sustainability, and ability to scale through an automated, precision-engineered manufacturing process,” says Sara Gutterman, Green Builder Media’s CEO.

The demonstration house will be placed on its site in November and will be open for media tours via video or onsite throughout 2023. 

“The time for prefab has come,” Gutterman emphasizes. “Offsite, prefab construction can solve for some of the building industry’s biggest obstacles, including labor challenges, material shortages, construction schedule delays, quality control, performance optimization, and waste management.” 

To learn more about Transcend Communities, including how to become a Transcend developer, contact Sara Gutterman at For press inquiries, contact Cati O’Keefe at

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About Dvele

Dvele, a prefab home builder based in La Jolla, Calif, builds smart, healthy, and sustainable modular homes. Dvele builds high-performance homes through automation to standardize the home-building process, giving people a reliable home-building experience they can trust.


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