Trnsact and Creditsafe Launch Partnership to Accelerate & Improve Commercial Equipment Financing Process

Trnsact Credit & Financing Platform Will Be Powered by Creditsafe’s Industry-Leading Credit Intelligence & Proprietary Scoring System

Irvine, CA and Allentown, PA, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trnsact, a leading commercial equipment fintech company, and Creditsafe, the leader in global credit monitoring and risk management, today announced a partnership to bring greater clarity and less risk to the commercial equipment financing process. Through this partnership, Trnsact will integrate Creditsafe’s credit risk data and scoring system into its credit application and finance management platform.

“Trnsact customers want to integrate the best tools and best data to manage risk and make rapid credit decisions for their customers,” said Vijay Patil, COO of Trnsact. “By integrating our platform with Creditsafe, we are able to power secure, compliant and expedited financing decisions, while deploying the best applicant data available for the decisioning process.” Mr. Patil has over two decades of experience in managing risk for world-renowned brands like HSBC, Mitsubishi and Yamaha.

Credit history plays an important role in the financing process. The higher the credit score, the more likely businesses are to be offered financing deals. But credit scores can be adversely affected by a history of delinquent payments, judgments and bankruptcies. All this information provides a clear signal of a company’s credit performance and risk level, which is vital before a financing deal can be offered.

However, when credit data is lacking or unreliable, it can open the door to financial, legal and compliance risks. This partnership aims to tackle the age-old problem of poor data quality and mitigate risks, while also speeding up the decisioning process and improving the overall customer experience for Trnsact’s customers.

“As one of North America’s leading commercial equipment fintech companies, Trnsact is an ideal partner for Creditsafe,” said Matthew Debbage, CEO of the Americas and Asia for Creditsafe. “With their focus on built-in data management, security and compliance, the addition of our comprehensive credit risk data and proprietary scoring system will further strengthen Trnsact’s offering. Together, Creditsafe and Trnsact can empower equipment finance lenders to be more aware of the credit risks that pose a threat to their productivity, growth and success – and ultimately, be more proactive in mitigating those risks.”

To learn more about how Creditsafe’s data will be integrated into the Trnsact platform, you can visit this web page and schedule a meeting with an expert at Trnsact.

About Trnsact

Trnsact is a leading provider of embedded finance solutions for commercial equipment dealers. The company provides technologies, tools, and resources to the dealers to enable them to complete their transactions efficiently and securely. Trnsact's embedded finance products and payment solutions address inconsistencies, and a lack of security and transparency for equipment dealers by providing an easy-to-use turnkey solution that delivers more sales, new revenue channels, increased efficiencies, and better customer experiences.

About Creditsafe

Creditsafe, the global expert in credit monitoring and risk management, is the world’s most used provider of business reports. Today, 110,000 customers globally depend on Creditsafe to make critical business decisions. Using real-time data from over 9,000 sources across 160+ countries, Creditsafe provides its customers with clarity over their commercial landscape, allowing them to confidently mitigate financial, legal and compliance risks within their business. To learn more, visit