Green Builder Media Announces Annual Awards for Innovative, Inspiring Green Homes and Communities

The Home of the Year Competition celebrates the best green homes being built today. The contest deadline is October 7.

Lake City Colorado, UNITED STATES

Lake City, Colo., Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Builder Media’s Green Home of the Year awards program, now in its 15th year, showcases the fine blending of art and science that goes into creating eco-sensitive homes and communities. It recognizes homes boasting net zero level performance–from ones that break the traditional architectural norms to mainstream houses. 

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Here are three key facts you need to know about the program: 

First, awards can be time-consuming to enter, so Green Builder editors offer a new enticement this year: You can enter some of the key stats and photos with your initial application but do the tedious work of listing all the products and manufacturers only if you’re selected by the judges as a finalist.

Second, even if your home or development does not win the gold, editors often use “runner-up” projects throughout the year for case studies, feature articles, or to illustrate certain aspects of building science. So entering gives you a real chance for some quick earned PR. 

Third, don’t forget to recommend someone for our “Sustainability Superhero” of 2023. This can be someone in or out of the building industry who exemplifies an ongoing commitment to a green, sustainable future. 

“The Green Home of the Year process is a win-win,” says Green Builder Editor-in-Chief Matt Power, “We win because we get your help in tracking down the most exciting projects out there. You win by amplifying your sustainability credentials not only now, but later, when you use your ‘win’ to promote your product or project’s quality and innovation. You can see an example of the coverage winners get by checking out the 2022 awards issue here." 

The deadline is October 7–so start your entry now by clicking here

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