Councilmembers Dev Davis and Pam Foley Endorse Irene Smith for San José City Council District 3

San José, CA: Councilmembers Dev Davis and Pam Foley join other local residents and grass roots organizations in endorsing Irene Smith for City Council District 3.

San Jose, CA,

San Jose, CA, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Irene Smith is a Santa Clara County judge pro tem, mental health counselor, small business owner, and financial analyst who is running for San José city council to represent downtown district three. 

"Independence is more important in San José politics than ever before," said Smith in accepting the endorsement. Smith continued: "Dev Davis--a leading Independent voice on our City Council-- understands the importance of post-ideological perspectives on city problems, and I look forward to joining with her to create a new era of unbiased community outreach and visible action at City Hall." 

Davis said, "Smith's spirited independent campaign landed her a second place finish in the D3 primary, beating out several candidates supported by big power brokers. Smith's campaign focuses on quality-of-life issues in D3 and how innovative new thinking can solve the district's problems." 

"I am endorsing Irene Smith because she understands the important issues that need to be addressed immediately, and she has the experience needed to make a positive impact on day one,” Foley said. “We have a mental health crisis and she has a doctorate in mental health counseling. We have a housing crisis and she is a housing provider. We need someone who understands local laws and she is a Santa Clara County Judge Pro Tem. Irene Smith is the right choice for San José District 3." 

"Our momentum is gaining and our team is going to finish strong on November 8th," said Irene Smith in accepting the endorsement. 

Smith continued: "This election really comes down to one simple decision – do you want more of the same-old, failed and expensive policies that have made our city less safe and caused homelessness to increase, or do you want a change agent with new solutions to turn San José around and make our neighborhoods safe, clean, and affordable again?” 

Smith is competing against labor-backed Omar Torres in the November general election. 

Davis is serving her second term as San José City Councilmember for district six and came in third in the San José mayoral primary in June 2022. Foley was recently re-elected to serve a second term on the San José City Council representing district nine.

Disclaimer: This is a political article paid for and sponsored by the Irene Smith for D3 Campaign.

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