Stratom demonstrates unique capabilities of its ATLAS autonomous pallet loader vehicle

Designed to autonomously pick up and transport heavy and bulky cargo over difficult terrain, ATLAS is set to exponentially increase the efficiency and safety of cargo loading tasks across defense and commercial applications

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stratom, a leading developer of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems for logistics and operational applications, today announced the successful field demonstration of its patent-pending ATLAS™ vehicle, Stratom’s advanced autonomous pallet loader (APL). A video of the ATLAS demonstration can be found here.

Whether operated via tethered remote control or preprogrammed with repeatable operations, Stratom’s ATLAS platform reduces crew needs while loading, unloading and transporting cargo in military and commercial applications, ultimately increasing speed, flexibility, efficiency, dependability and safety. 

Last June, Stratom announced that the U.S. Marine Corps awarded the company a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 contract to develop a prototype autonomous pallet loader. Because loading and unloading cargo from aircraft can be difficult and potentially dangerous, the ATLAS platform was selected to exponentially increase the efficiency and safety of aircraft cargo loading tasks. 

With its advanced maneuverability, groundbreaking lift ratios and cross-deck load shift capabilities, ATLAS simplifies and increases the safety of transporting goods in rugged environments. Utilizing Stratom’s Summit™ software, ATLAS has been designed to autonomously pick up and transport bulky 10,000-pound 463L pallets between aircraft, transport vehicles and warehouses across a wide variety of indoor and off-road terrain.

Significantly lighter and more compact than traditional forklifts, ATLAS’ efficient design can transfer oversized cargo rapidly and operate within confined locations. While transferring pallets across docks is cumbersome with a conventional forklift, ATLAS leverages Stratom's proprietary powered rollers to streamline cargo transfer from the forks to racks, vehicles and aircraft. 

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About Stratom:

Stratom is a global leader in the development of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems that solve the most pressing real-world logistics and operational challenges for commercial and defense applications. Specializing in autonomous cargo movement, robotic refueling, robotic hazardous liquid transfer and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the company’s military-proven tools, methods, technologies and strategic services solve the most difficult logistics and operational challenges. Whether in safe, controlled settings or dynamic and challenging terrain, Stratom provides unique solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. With its extensive expertise in R&D, engineering and system integration of autonomous technologies and solutions, Stratom, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, is the go-to expert for global corporations, local businesses and government institutions. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.