Fresco Joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance to Help Define Matter’s Connected Kitchen Standards

The leading smart kitchen platform looks to offer their expertise on how the Matter standard approaches the unification of the smart kitchen

DUBLIN, Ireland, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fresco, the leading smart kitchen platform, today announced they have joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance to help define the Matter standard for a unified smart kitchen. In joining the Alliance, Fresco strengthens its core mission to reduce fragmentation in connected cooking and deliver the best possible experience for both home cooks and the smart home industry more broadly.

Fresco empowers appliance manufacturers to deliver the best cooking experience to their customers through greater clarity, confidence, and control in how they use those appliances. As a hub for many of the home’s appliances, the kitchen has always held so much potential in the smart home, yet the promise of a fully integrated connected experience has still not been realized. As an Alliance member, Fresco hopes to tap into this potential alongside Matter. Fresco’s mission is to make perfect cooking effortless - a unified, universal user experience across the smart kitchen is key to that. This fits seamlessly into the work Matter is doing to create a standard for connectivity across the whole home

“Matter represents a defining inflexion point in IoT as companies work together to clear major hurdles like poor pairing experiences in the connected home, data privacy and security,” said Ben Harris, CEO and co-founder of Fresco. “At Fresco we’ve placed great emphasis on these hurdles as well as improving the user experience, and we are proud to join companies like Apple, Google and Amazon to share these learnings and define how the smart kitchen should work in the smart home.”

Announced in 2019, Matter is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications standard for smart home technologies that seeks to create an open smart home environment where products from diverse manufacturers can communicate and share data, making compatibility issues a thing of the past. In the past year, over 3,200 experts from more than 280 companies have joined the Alliance to collaborate on creating open-source IoT standards that will transform not only the way we live but spark a movement for a more intuitive world. Thanks to the diverse expertise of members, robust certification programs, and access to a full suite of open IoT solutions, the Alliance is more than prepared to tackle the challenges of a unified smart home system.

“The opportunity for Matter to redefine the smart home space in terms of simplicity, security and interoperability is tremendous," said Chris LaPre, Head of Technology at Connectivity Standards Alliance. "Having Fresco join our efforts allows us to further expand our collective wisdom in the smart home space, and particularly in the kitchen -- the physical and digital hub of the home. We are happy to have them join the Alliance."

Fresco sees a future where Matter can complement the KitchenOS platform and align with the company’s existing efforts to reduce fragmentation in connected cooking. Matter’s approach of an open standard that supports interoperability through every room in the smart home is one supported by Fresco’s company mission. By participating in the alliance, the company hopes to contribute to that goal through a team that represents decades of smart kitchen experience and IoT experience.

About Fresco
Fresco, the leading smart kitchen platform, delivers a simplified cooking experience by making it easier for home cooks to leverage the features of their appliances through guided recipes. Partnering with brands such as Bosch, Electrolux, GE Appliances, Instant Brands, Kenwood, LG Electronics, Panasonic, and Thermomix, Fresco empowers appliance manufacturers to engage with their customers with every recipe through Fresco's end-to-end solution. Founded in 2012, Fresco currently operates globally and has offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Zaragoza, Spain. To learn more, visit;

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