Mojio and Mechanic Advisor Unite Platforms to Arm Auto Repair Shops with Real-Time Telematics Data & Automated Marketing for Fleet Customers

Mechanic Advisor introduces Steermatics at AAPEX 2022, a real-time telematics and remote diagnostics service that’s powered by Mojio and fully integrated with the Steer CRM to enable data-driven, automated retention marketing and communications tools for auto repair shops. Steermatics empowers repair shops and their technicians with remote access to real-time diagnostic data, helpful vehicle health insights and predictive maintenance alerts that help them modernize service operations, increase transparency, and improve customer retention. Fleets that use Steermatics will have the option to deploy Force by Mojio on a special subscription plan, activating simple and affordable GPS tracking and fleet management features to help them better manage their vehicles.

Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, at AAPEX 2022, the largest, most influential trade-only event for the global automotive aftermarket industry, Mojio and Mechanic Advisor unveiled the industry’s first auto repair shop solution that utilizes real-time telematics data from connected fleets to power remote vehicle diagnostics and automated retention marketing tools.

The new service, called Steermatics, will be fully integrated within Steer, Mechanic Advisor’s next-generation CRM for auto repair shops. Participating repair shops will be able to purchase 4G LTE connected OBD-II devices that are easily installed in their fleet customers’ vehicles, enabling the collection of rich telematics data. Shop technicians are able to remotely monitor the fleet’s vehicles via a helpful user interface that links the data with Steer’s automated marketing and customer communication tools.

When a vehicle is in need of service – whether for regular maintenance or for an unexpected repair – both the fleet customer and the service technician will receive automated alerts and information about the issue, including the recommended course of action, and online scheduling to simplify the appointment booking process. Plus, shops can send quotes and invoice a customer directly for easy, clear communication.

“Together, Mechanic Advisor and Mojio are implementing telematics technologies to change the way a vehicle is serviced, providing greater transparency and safety to the auto repair process,” said Mechanic Advisor CEO, Parker Swift. “Partnering with the proven team at Mojio ensures that we can efficiently offer Steermatics to repair shops and their technicians, empowering them with actionable fleet maintenance insights that are integrated with our growing suite of automated marketing tools.

Business owners that connect their fleet vehicles to Steermatics via a participating repair shop will also have the opportunity to subscribe to the Force by Mojio fleet management service. Key features include live GPS location tracking with helpful safety, security and maintenance alerts; a detailed trip history with safety scores for drivers; and vehicle health monitoring with maintenance management, diagnostic alerts, recall information and Mojio’s patented TireCheck tool to identify tires that are in need of replacement.

“Steermatics evolves the way that repair shops connect with their customers by reducing the friction too commonly associated with maintaining fleets,” said Mojio CEO, Kenny Hawk. “Remote access to real-time vehicle health insights from our platform enables a more transparent and proactive service relationship, clearing the path to long-term customer retention. We look forward to scaling Steermatics alongside the brilliant team at Mechanic Advisor.”

As part of the collaboration, Mojio has enhanced its diagnostic capabilities to meet the expectations of modern automotive technicians. Vehicle-related data and insights made available to auto repair shops via Steermatics includes:

  • VIN to identify the vehicle and associate with the customer account
  • OEM PIDs for accurate odometer, fuel level and oil life percentage, plus TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) data to proactively identify tire damage
  • Odometer values to trigger proactive service reminders based on manufacturer or technician recommended service milestones
  • Freeze frame data and diagnostics trouble codes (DTCs) to identify real-time problems and remotely diagnose emerging issues
  • Complete Fuel Trims (Long and Short Term) and O2 sensor data to help troubleshoot inconsistent vehicle performance issues
  • Predictive maintenance alerts to warn of imminent 12v battery failure and the need for air filter replacement

Steermatics has been designed with privacy in mind. Only data related to vehicle health and maintenance is shared with participating auto repair shops. All behavioral and location-based data, such as GPS location, are excluded and will never be shared with Mechanic Advisor or the participating auto repair shops.

Mechanic Advisor and Mojio are showcasing Steermatics at AAPEX 2022 with a live vehicle demonstration inside of the Joe’s Garage exhibition area, located on Level 1 at Service Counter 1 and Bay 5.

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