Jeff Tripician, long-time meat industry leader, announces the formation of Grass Fed Foods—a platform that brings together SunFed Ranch and Teton Waters Ranch into one organization—making it the most comprehensive and convenient grass fed solution for retail and foodservice customers in the U.S.

LOVELAND, Colo., Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grass Fed Foods, LLC, today announced the formation of the nation’s largest grass fed beef platform by merging two industry leaders, SunFed Ranch and Teton Waters Ranch.

Grass Fed Foods, LLC becomes the foremost outlet for grass fed beef products, bringing together SunFed Ranch, a California-based leader in prime cuts and grinds, and industry pioneer Teton Waters Ranch based in Colorado, which offers a highly complementary portfolio of grass fed beef products. The combined businesses will have over $150 million in sales.

“For Grass Fed Foods, having SunFed Ranch and Teton Waters Ranch joined under one comprehensive grass fed beef platform is the first step in providing grocers and foodservice customers with access to a convenient, turnkey solution for grass fed beef products in the U.S.,” said Jeff Tripician, President & CEO of Grass Fed Foods. “We are building this platform to provide our customers with the ability to order all the grass fed beef they need—from fresh boxed beef / primals, case-ready steaks, grinds and patties to processed items like hot dogs, dinner and breakfast sausages, meatballs and cocktail franks—all on one purchase order, on one truck, from one company. And everything we do ties to our three value pillars which emphasize products that are better for you, better for the planet, better for the cattle and the ranchers who raise them.”

“We are excited to be a part of this important milestone in the grass-fed beef industry. The combination of Teton Waters Ranch and SunFed Ranch, which are highly complementary brands, under the leadership of Trip and his team, will enable Grass Fed Foods to become the leading platform in better-for-you protein,” said Vincent Love, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Sunrise Strategic Partners.

According to the Power of Meat report, more than 8 in 10 shoppers are looking for one or more “Better-for” options—me/my family, the planet, the animal and ranchers—when purchasing meat. And for those specifically focused on the planet, 74 percent are looking specifically for grass fed beef options.

SunFed Ranch, one of the two core brands that now make up the Grass Fed Foods platform, is the nation’s leading brand of domestic grass fed beef, offering boxed beef and case-ready options for steaks, grinds, patties, and other value-added fresh cuts.

“As fifth generation ranchers, our role as stewards of the land, livestock and ranchers is at the very core of what we do at SunFed Ranch,” said Chris Donati, SunFed Ranch Co-Founder. “We have grass fed ranching and livestock relationships that allow us to scale the brand with great partners coast-to-coast,” added Chris.

Amanda Duran, Chief Revenue Officer for Grass Fed Foods, plans to have both Teton Waters Ranch and SunFed Ranch launch into foodservice in early 2023, “with the strong demand for grass fed by younger Millennial and Gen Z consumers and established consumers who care about Better-for claims upgrading their shopping carts, it is only natural for grass fed beef to find its way onto progressive-minded menus across the country—from fast casual, to colleges and universities, to corporate dining, grass fed beef is a clear upgrade consumers want and expect today.”

Matt Byrne, Sun-Fed Ranch co-founder and sixth generation rancher wants to see a strong connection between improving the lives of U.S. cattle ranchers and U.S. families, “at the core of our company is creating the connection between these families – every parent wants to see their family thrive. Grass fed beef is a simple change that improves family diets and regenerates the land we all count on,” stated Byrne.

For Tripician, who has spent the past 30 years of his career building platforms across several premium brands and industries, “the time is right for grass fed beef with consumer interest in organic, sustainable and regenerative foods at an all-time high. Grass Fed Foods will lead the way for consumers that want to upgrade their beef purchases to a better, healthier choice for themselves, their family and the planet, allowing them to embrace these products.”

About Grass Fed Foods
Grass Fed Foods is committed to creating a better future from the ground up by being better for the planet, better for the animal and better for you through its dedication to regenerative agricultural practices and on behalf of its core brands—SunFed Ranch the largest domestic brand of fresh case-ready grass fed beef and the fastest growing brand nationally; and Teton Waters Ranch—the nation’s leader in grass fed Polish dinner sausages and the fastest growth grass fed breakfast sausage and hot dogs on the market (SPINS). For more information on SunFed Ranch and Teton Waters Ranch visit, and follow them on Instagram @sunfedranch and @twrgrassfedbeef.

Teton Waters Ranch, SunFed Ranch and the Grass Fed Foods platform are supported by private equity firms Sunrise Strategic Partners and Armonia. Visit and to learn more.

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