ZeroFox Launches PII Removal to Automatically Eliminate Executives’ Exposed Personal Information from Data Broker Sites

Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

  • One of the largest data brokers has collected personal data on 68% of the world’s internet population, putting millions of companies at risk of this information being used against them in a cyber attack
  • The new ZeroFox Disruption service offering removes threats to organizations by safeguarding the digital footprint of executives and employees

WASHINGTON, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  ZeroFox (Nasdaq: ZFOX), a leading external cybersecurity provider, today released PII Removal, a new Disruption service to help organizations combat data broker websites that include personal identifiable information (PII) of employees and executives listed for sale on publicly searchable databases. ZeroFox’s enhanced Disruption PII Removal scans for and automates the takedown of customers’ personal information on hundreds of data broker sites in an effort to proactively disrupt potential attacks before they happen.

“The longer this personal information is out there and accessible by cyber threat actors, the greater the security risk to organizations and individuals,” said James C. Foster, co-founder and CEO of ZeroFox. “Readily available access to personal information about a company’s employees can be used for things like social engineering attacks, doxing, SWATting, and phishing scams, so our Disruption PII Removal will proactively scrub that information from the web before it can be used against you.”

ZeroFox PII Removal delivers ongoing detection and automated deletion of personal information available on the web and trafficked by hundreds of data broker websites like WhitePages and Spokeo. The solution helps security teams close the gap by actively removing PII of executives and employees from being readily found. Capability benefits include:

  • Hardening of attack surfaces by reducing available information used to target executives and employees
  • Reducing breach risks by removing personal information found online that puts an individual and/or organization at risk
  • Delivering peace of mind to executives and employees with protection against targeted attacks, harassment, scams, and more
  • Continuously detecting personal information quickly and efficiently on data broker sites
  • Managing an organization’s PII removals to keep the security team apprised of when and where the PII has been removed

ZeroFox’s PII Removal provides ongoing monitoring and monthly reporting to customers recapping all data broker removals. To learn more about adding PII Removal to your cybersecurity strategy, visit

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