Sabre Adhesives Launch Collection of High-Quality Industrial Adhesives Perfect For A Wide Range Of Applications

Levin, New Zealand, Nov. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since 2005, Sabre Adhesives has been working hand in hand with key industries to understand exactly what they need, how to overcome any challenges and are continually pushing boundaries to develop breakthrough formulas and quality products with their global team of chemists, engineers, and manufacturers.

They have been creating specialist adhesives, sealants, and coatings that provide industries with superior performance and durability for a range of different applications, while their team offer reliability, integrity, and targeted technical advice to help companies accelerate production output and decrease warranty costs.

Sabre Adhesives have now launched a diverse collection of high-quality industrial adhesives that cover multiple product chemistries for bonding applications where structural integrity and durability are essential.

Quality, Structural Integrity, And Durability

Industrial adhesives bond industrial components and materials, typically in manufacturing and assembly applications, through adhesion (bonding to the surface) and cohesion (internal strength.)

The use of adhesives over traditional mechanical fastening methods, such as screwing, riveting, and welding, allows manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs and increase product durability and performance.

Some of Sabre Adhesives’ industrial adhesives include:

  • MS Polymer Adhesives – These are an innovative, environmentally friendly moisture-curing adhesives and sealants that deliver unique advantages over polyurethanes and silicones through their wide primerless adhesion, UV resistance, paintability, and durability.
  • Polyurethanes Adhesives – Available in 1-part and 2-part systems and ranging from flexible elastic adhesives to high-strength structural adhesives, these can be used in many different applications from transportation and industrial assembly to construction materials.
  • Epoxy Adhesives – Composing of a resin and hardener, when mixed together, they form a very high-strength bond and are known for their high structural strength, fast cure, and chemical resistance.
  • Anaerobic Adhesives – Known commercially as thread-locking adhesives, these are fast-setting acrylic adhesives with high bonding strength, chemical resistance and are used in electronics manufacturing, automotive, and for many precision components.
  • Water-Based Adhesives – These are composed of water, polymers , and a selection of additives that can be used in bonding porous and non-porous applications ranging from food packaging to wood lamination.

One renowned application of Sabre Adhesives industrial adhesives is through the manufacture of caravans and motorhomes, as they help reduce production times, lower the cost of warranty claims, and improve the vehicle’s durability.

Their caravan adhesive sealant has a variety of different uses throughout the manufacturing process, such as:

Panel Lamination

Their solvent-free polyurethane adhesives can be utilised in various applications, including bonding sidewalls, roofs, floors, and other composite panels.

Vehicle Assembly Bonding

Sabre Adhesives selection of bonding adhesives has been developed using the latest MS polymer that combines the high-performance properties of traditional polyurethane technology with the high weathering resistance of silicone technology.

This aids in the vehicle assembly bonding process as manufacturers are increasingly incorporating fibreglass composites, advanced plastics, and sandwich panel elements in vehicle designs to reduce vehicle weight, improve structural integrity, durability, and enhance thermal stability.


Their sealants effectively protect the vehicle against water ingress, which is essential to prevent expensive warranty costs and quality claims from end customers.

Sabre Adhesives’ range of watertight sealants efficiently safeguards the panels, electrical appliances, and the vehicle’s interior to provide manufacturers with the ultimate waterproofing protection.

Glass and Windscreen Adhesives

Sabre Adhesives industry-leading high-performance MS Polymer adhesives for primerless direct glazing have helped assembly lines push the boundaries for decades and provide high green strength and quick build-up of end strength that keeps the glass in the desired position.

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