OmicsVeu Launches An Extensive Line Of Spatial Biology Products For Multiplex Multi-omics

Fremont, Dec. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OmicsVeu, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioGenex, is pleased to announce the launch of a broad line of Multiplex Multi-Omics products for spatial biology consisting of a fully automated instrument NanoVIP® with optimized protocols, ready-to-use reagents for SuperPlex Phenotyping, Genotyping & Phenotyping kits, miRNA, mRNA & DNA FISH probes and kits, In Situ Sequencing system:

NanoVIP®: All-in-One fully automated slide staining system from microtome to slides ready for scanning & analysis using cell profiler, the likes. It is designed to automate any manual slide-based (FFPE, FF & CTC samples) assay protocol with intense, reproducible, consistent staining. Read more.

SuperPlex Phenotyping: A multiplexed immunofluorescence (IF) technique that allows the simultaneous detection of multiple protein biomarkers using the same tissue section. Read more.

Genotyping & Phenotyping: Simple & reliable method for the simultaneous co-detection of protein, DNA miRNA & mRNA within the same tissue section. Read more.

miRFISH: A wide range of over 220 plus fluorophore-tagged miRNA probes enable the generation of multiplex miRNA profiling. These super-sensitive probes with high-melting temperatures are designed to detect low-abundant miRNAs. As miRNAs are tissue-specific, they help to diagnose cancer of unknown primary (CUP), poorly differentiated tumors and for the staging of cancer. Read more.

eFISH: This technology enables to detection of RNA & DNA with sub-micron level accuracy by using uniquely labeled fluorophore-tagged barcoded probes. Read more.

In Situ Sequencing: OmicsVeu introduces fully automated spatial transcriptomics sequencing technology with reagents, probes & a ready-to-use complete kit to elucidate transcriptomics profiling. This technology helps to empower CRISPR/CAS-mediated gene editing. Read more.

About OmicsVeu:

OmicsVeu is engaged in developing next-generation fully automated systems with optimized kits and ready-to-use reagents to accelerate the pace of Phenotyping, Genotyping, and Transcriptomics. All our products are easy-to-use and deliver reliable, consistent, and reproducible results with fast turnaround. Our systems are also open and work well with user-supplied reagents and have fully open intuitive software and provide ultimate detection sensitivity of a single nucleotide. We provide Premier Customer care and an unconditional performance guarantee.

OmicsVeu was founded to be one of the most innovative companies, accelerating multiplex multi-omics-systems for a better understanding of tumor micro-environment for precise tumor characterization, helping develop new therapeutics and innovative therapies for dramatically improved disease outcomes.

To accelerate the pace of Spatial Biology Research:

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