Carofin Completes $2M Equity Financing for TxtSmarter, LLC

Carofin and CFS Announce Successful Financing of TxtSmarter, a secure pipeline for full communications capture across private messaging applications, platforms, and services.

BREVARD, N.C., Dec. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With record-breaking fines facing major financial services firms, Carofin and Carolina Financial Securities are pleased to announce they have successfully raised a total of $2,020,000 in Series A-2 Convertible Preferred Units for TxtSmarter, LLC which was a follow-on financing to a recently completed A-1 round.  Carofin’s growing network of accredited investors and family offices, looking to allocate capital into direct private investments, provided the financing.  

San Mateo, California-based TxtSmarter has developed and patented a proprietary methodology for securely archiving private texting platforms and other social media messaging channels.  TxtSmarter is the only solution that addresses Apple's iMessage and Android’s SMS/MMS on the native level. 

Edward Green, an experienced technology CEO and Founding Partner of Exigent Ventures, is the CEO of TxtSmarter, LLC.  A 26-year seasoned direct venture capital investor, he often invests in high-growth technology and business services. 
"Some of the largest global financial institutions are reaching out to us to address the growing need for regulatory solutions in eComms surveillance," said CEO Edward Green.  "This capital has been paramount to grow our development team and expand our services in the enterprise market.  Recently, with billions of dollars in fines levied for missing texts and WhatsApp messages, TxtSmarter's unique solution empowers companies to achieve eComms compliance in near real-time across an ever-shifting landscape of communication channels." 

“TxtSmarter is providing a solution to one of the biggest challenges facing the financial services industry: how to archive previously inaccessible data from text correspondence and social media platforms,” said Carofin CEO, Bruce Roberts.  “Additionally, we’re thrilled for Carofin to become an end user.”  

Carolina Financial Group (CFG), Carofin’s and CFS’s parent company, is a private investment bank that structures investments and raises vital capital for small to medium-sized businesses seeking growth capital in the U.S. Carofin and CFS have raised over $1.25B since 1995 across more than 200 private transactions. For more information, visit Carofin’s website

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