AIR Media-Tech Partners With Gyre to Launch Continuous Streaming Services for YouTube Content Creators

TORONTO, Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AIR Media-Tech, a global company for digital-first creators, announces its strategic partnership with Gyre, a continuous streaming service. The partnership strengthens and expands AIR's capabilities to equip its partner creators with the industry's most comprehensive suite of solutions. Now, creators can re-cycle their pre-recorded videos and stream them 24/7 on digital platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram. 

As YouTube's algorithms prioritize streams over regular videos, going live allows creators to grow faster and increase their income. The live stream format allows viewers to discover new content, thus driving new subscriptions for creators, bolstering both channel performance and monetization.

"We're happy to enhance the opportunities of our partner creators with Gyre's continuous streaming capabilities," said Sergii Bielousov, AIR Media-Tech co-founder. "This advanced service allows creators to recycle their content, save time and effort, and promote their accounts on digital platforms. Gyre streaming is a fantastic way to improve a YouTube channel's performance and make the most of all that content creators have produced."

With Gyre, AIR partner creators can continuously loop existing, pre-recorded content automatically, 24 hours a day. Creators only need to upload the video to the Gyre server to start streaming it live from their channels immediately.

AIR started testing Gyre's service in early 2022 on a range of its partner YouTube channels. After they showed a significant increase in performance, some of them by up to 40%, companies decided to join forces and create a long-term partnership.

"We're delighted to partner with such a powerful player in the content creator industry and to share access to our service with thousands of creators through the AIR ecosystem," said Ruslan Pohitun, CEO of Gyre. "Lots of YouTubers are integrating continuous streams into their development strategies and seeing impressive performance from them. We're constantly improving the service to help creators better engage with their audiences." 

For more information about the partnership, visit AIR Blog.

About Gyre

Gyre is a multi-streaming service for creating looped 24/7 streams from pre-recorded videos and running them on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Founded in 2021, Gyre works with international media companies and creators of various types of content from 23 countries. To date, Gyre helped creators to generate 9B views, 500M hours, and $4.6M of additional income with looped streaming on YouTube only. The service aims to help recycle existing content, improve channel metrics and increase revenue.

About AIR 

Founded in 2010 by Ukrainian co-founders Sergii Bielousov and Stepan Mikhaylov, AIR Media-Tech is an international company helping digital-first creators grow faster and earn more on YouTube and beyond. AIR works with 3800+ creators from 44 countries AIR has been YouTube Certified partner since 2011. With the world-largest creator economy ecosystem, AIR is responsible for the growth of TOP  YouTubers like Kids Diana Show, Vlad and Niki, and others. 

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