Alpha Sigma Capital Welcomes Patrick Martin as General Partner, Europe

London, England, December 28, 2022, Alpha Sigma Capital, announced today Patrick Martin has joined Alpha Sigma Capital as General Partner in Europe.

LONDON, ENGLAND , Dec. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Sigma Capital, announced today Patrick Martin has joined Alpha Sigma Capital as General Partner in Europe. Mr. Martin’s experience spans 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and investment banker. He has co-founded and scaled companies, raised and invested hundreds of millions in growth capital, and achieved many successful exits via M&A and IPOs. He is an experienced and successful investor in blockchain, digital assets, and Web3 companies through his family office comprising a portfolio of over 40 companies built over the last 5 years, as well as, half a dozen LP investments in leading venture funds. He is a frequent speaker and industry specialist on all things fintech, Web3, and blockchain.

Enzo Villani, CEO, stated, “The addition of Patrick Martin to lead our Europe expansion is indeed a strong signal that we are in this for the long term. We are consistently seeing real-world use cases for blockchain, especially in logistics across Europe and Asia. Patrick’s skill set and unique understanding of both traditional and Web3 markets are essential to ASC providing an edge for our investors.”

Patrick Martin, GP, stated, “I’ve known Enzo and Alpha Sigma Capital from the beginning and have co-invested with them in several projects as well as become an LP in the fund. The team continues to invest in some of the most innovative projects in the industry and I feel very honored and excited about joining forces with the amazing Alpha Sigma Capital team. Having gone through the 2018/2019 crypto bear market I know that negative sentiment is an ideal time to identify and invest in the leaders of tomorrow on very attractive terms.”

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