CentralReach Announces Rebrand and Relaunch of Its Fast-Growing ABA Software for Startups and Therapy Practices Under 50 Employees, Behaviorsoft, to CentralReach Essentials (CR Essentials)

CentralReach formally renames Behaviorsoft – the company’s acquired ABA software for small practices - to CR Essentials to better reflect its integration into the CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Platform and as the solution of choice for practices with less than 50 employees, sitting alongside the company’s market-leading enterprise solution.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CentralReach, the leading provider of Autism and IDD Care software, today announced the rebrand and relaunch of its acquired ABA practice management and clinical data collection software for startup and practices with less than 50 employees, Behaviorsoft, to CentralReach Essentials (CR Essentials). While the acquired software was already an integral and successful part of the company’s suite of solutions for small practices, the rebrand reinforces CentralReach’s mission of providing purpose-built software for therapy providers of any size to help children and adults diagnosed with autism and related intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) unlock potential, achieve better outcomes, and live more independent lives.   

Behaviorsoft, now CR Essentials, was acquired by CentralReach in June 2021 with the goal of providing smaller providers with an intuitive solution to bolster ABA operations quickly, while also offering a path to migrate to CentralReach’s enterprise solution as the practice grew. Since its acquisition, the product has sold rapidly resulting in 240% growth year over year while also maintaining an exceptional net promoter score (NPS) of 49.  

“This was the natural next step for Behaviorsoft,” said CEO Chris Sullens. “The product itself was already integrated into our suite of solutions, so it only made sense to officially welcome it as the anchor product for startup and small ABA practices under the CentralReach brand. With both CR Essentials as well as our enterprise solution, which is designed for the complex workflows typically associated with medium-to-large established ABA practices, we offer the right software to meet the needs of their ABA practice both now and later. CR Essentials leadership and growth among startup and small practices is only expected to strengthen with its new name and continued investment.”  

CR Essentials’ intuitive, all-in-one, digital platform is simple, user-friendly, and standardized which allows practices to efficiently store and access digital records and information necessary to deliver autism and IDD care. With the ability to be up and running in a matter of days, CR Essentials is a useful solution for startups and small practices that need to quickly and efficiently automate work, saving them both time and money in the long term. The solution is available for free for startups until they add their second client or with a 30-day free trial for established practices. Customers also have access to bilingual English-Spanish customer support, and user tutorials to assist customers throughout all stages of their practice’s lifecycle.  

Customers who adopt CR Essentials love it and can start growing their ABA practice sooner thanks to its quick onboarding. “I have been using [CR Essentials] for the last three years. CR Essentials alleviates the workload of at least three full-time Human Resources employees, saving money and both our company and employees’ time,” said Gezabel Hernandez, owner of Blue Hope Therapy Services and CR Essentials user. “I use CR Essentials for the Clinical Department, as it is amazingly efficient. It tracks expiring documentation and automatically sends alerts, so you don’t have to. It’s been time-saving and life-saving for our practice.”    

Thanks to its powerful RCM capabilities, CR Essentials is also the vendor of choice for practices with significant billings to Medicaid. With CR Essentials practices can create payer-specific workflows that allow their entire teams to stay compliant without slowing down. As one customer commented, “Not only has CR Essentials helped me increase my reimbursements to 96%, but it has also helped free up the hours each week my team spent double and triple confirming that we were meeting every Medicaid claim and document requirement.” 

Mabel Giraldo of KBT shared, “[CR Essentials] has helped our productivity skyrocket. The progress notes are easy to fill out and access. It is super helpful to have smart contractor alerts on, it takes off so much pressure over staying compliant in this business. Keeping our documents in order is one of the most important things to us and the system helps us keep everything organized. Great support is always provided if I have questions. [CR Essentials] has definitely made our life easier!” 

To learn more about CR Essentials and its capabilities, visit essentials.centralreach.com.  Additional information about CentralReach can be found at https://centralreach.com/.  

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