LandAirSea Helps Man Recover Trailer and $300K Worth of Wood

LAS tracking device leads police to thieves' front door

CHICAGO, Jan. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LandAirSea (LAS) is thrilled to announce another LAS device has played a role in thwarting theft.

"At LandAirSea, we are proud of our line of tracking devices that help countless customers around the world track their personal property, so they are able to get back what's rightfully theirs if it's ever stolen or lost. This is the latest example of our devices being the best in class at what they set out to do," said Ian Conley, Business Development Manager at LAS.

In December someone stole a trailer from "John," a Malibu homebuilder. Then John was alerted to the crime when the customer sent him a photo of the garage, and he noticed the trailer holding the teak was missing. John soon discovered that thieves had broken the lock off the trailer and stolen it.

Luckily, John had two trackers, the Optimus Tracker and LAS 54, connected to the trailer. Although the thieves removed the more obvious Optimus Tracker, they did not remove the LAS 54. The LAS 54's information was transmitted to the Sheriff's Department, where they discovered the thieves had taken the trailer back to their home. Thanks to the LAS 54, police were able to recover the trailer and return it to John.

John said he purchased the additional tracking device because other contractors in the area had reported thefts. Thirty-seven trailers in the Malibu area have been stolen in the past two months.

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About LandAirSea

LandAirSea GPS trackers are manufactured for fleet management and professional vehicle and asset tracking, allowing users to monitor driving behaviors and the locations of their personal assets. This gives them peace of mind from knowing that if their goods or vehicles get stolen, they will have up-to-the-minute tracking information to provide to law enforcement.

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