How KOAN Is Mastering The Art of Cannabis Experiences That Consumers Actually Want

The Nabis Marketplace interviews Resonate Blends’ CEO Geoff Selzer and highlights the Company’s flagship product line

CALABASAS, Calif., Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resonate Blends, Inc. (OTCQB:KOAN), a Wellness Lifestyle cannabis holding company (“Resonate” or “the Company”), is pleased to share an interview from the Nabis Marketplace with Resonate’s Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Selzer. Nabis is the #1 licensed cannabis wholesaling platform in California, supporting over 250 exclusive brands and supplying the entire network of state-licensed dispensaries with top-tier product lines. The Nabis Marketplace offers the largest selection of cannabis products available and a personalized, time-saving shopping experience for California-based cannabis retailers.

KOAN is mastering the art of precisely-calibrated cannabis experiences. It’s more than just science to them, it’s their passion - refining, amplifying, and calibrating cannabis so consumers can always find what they're looking for.

Interview with Geoff Selzer by The Nabis Marketplace

The idea for KOAN quite literally came to Geoff Selzer in a dream.

After working for a California gray market vape company for a year and trying to bring them into compliance, Geoff realized that radical innovation in the space was just beginning and that opportunities to create mind-blowing products were within reach. Four months after leaving the vape company, he had his dream—4 hours later, he had the initial rough sketches of Resonate Blends, the parent company of KOAN. The idea of precision-calibrated cannabis, built on a deep love and devotion to the incredible character of the plant and a love for science, was going to represent this new company at its core.

The Early Years—Cannabis As A Greater Gift

Since Geoff’s early years as a teenager, cannabis had always been a very positive aspect of his life—when he consumed, he felt the gateways to new experiences opening up for him and he had a greater appreciation of the world he lived in. But it was always a little under the covers; a hidden tool, friend, or a medicine spirit. Then, legalization began to emerge, and he saw an opportunity to share this wonderful gift and all he had learned from it with the masses. From this opportunity, Geoff continued to ponder: if we could make what was accessible to the connoisseurs understandable and available to the population at large, we would be doing many people a great service.

While some individuals might feel a visceral, deeper inner knowing that they belong in this industry, Geoff’s journey to this calling took a more gradual and scenic route. That being said, it’s crystal-clear to him now. He believes that we, as an industry, are at a crossroads. When the end-game is how much THC a consumer can buy for a dollar rather than how the end-user can create the most life-affirming, fun, deep, mind-opening, healing, and loving experiences possible, we collectively run a risk. That danger is that the former can become the dominant expression of this broad-spectrum, multi-faceted, and magical plant.

A Lesson in Shifting Consumers’ Perspectives

Geoff and his team at KOAN are spearheading this shift in thinking—they’re aiming to dig deeper in order to create unique experiences. Each customer’s encounter with a KOAN product is treated as a painting on a blank canvas. They’ve found that a 1% shift in the formulation can create a radical difference in the experience.

This is precisely why KOAN exists. To help every person who chooses to seek the profound emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of cannabis find what they’re looking for. Beyond that, KOAN desires to make that experience as precise, comforting, and consistent as science and nature could possibly allow. They are committed to demystifying cannabis and creating products designed to support intentional and mindful use as a core part of daily wellness…physical, spiritual, and most importantly, emotional. Because ultimately, you are what you feel.

In designing its products and considering its ideal audience, the KOAN team kept coming back to intentional individuals who wanted to use cannabis to check in and not to check out. They also felt drawn to those consumers who value wellness and sustainability as a lifestyle, existing cannabis users looking for a more refined experience, and those who are just starting to use cannabis to improve their lives. Within the product line are features that the KOAN team believes these users are looking for: the security of a single serving, the predictability of each experience, the convenience of tiny bottles that can be discreetly taken anywhere. Recently, KOAN also introduced multi-serve bottles which offers users personal control over their serving size.

The KOAN team also wants users to be able to couple the experience they wanted in the beverage of their choice instead, so its flavor profiles are mild enough to complement any drink, hot or cold, sweet or savory. They are a perfect product for people who want to feel pleasant but are serious about Dry January.

The (Real) KOAN Difference

What makes KOAN stand out on retailers’ shelves is tri-fold—firstly, being 100% plant-based, vegan, sugar-free, all-natural, and precisely-calibrated hits on multiple, growing selling points for customers. Secondly, aside from the unique form factor that KOAN can be ingested as a shot or mixed with any drink of the consumer’s choice, the branding is incredibly eye-catching. In fact, KOAN won a Clio award for their packaging.

Finally, there’s also an undeniable level of commitment KOAN brings to every one of their Cordials. The level of work and number of processes the team endures to design, formulate, manufacture, and ultimately create the best and most precise experience for the user is unparalleled. The look and feel of the brand, the taste, the texture, the onramp of the experience, the quality of its peak, the secondary peak, the offramp and even how you feel the next morning is a matter of obsession for the brand.

When it comes to educating consumers on how to best use the product, Geoff always goes back to the simple notion of setting an intention. In the psychedelic world, people refer to this as “set and setting”. He believes the same rings true for cannabis-set your intention, create the proper setting, understand the timing, and just let go. KOAN’s products speak for themselves and all you need to do is set the space that most inspires you. He notes, “A little effort goes a long way in enhancing your experience.”

When asked if could just recommend one product from the line, Geoff advises that it’s really dependent on the goals the customer wants to achieve. If he had to provide a recommendation, however, it would be CREATE—a Cordial formulated to stimulate your senses, spark imagination and channel your inner muse. It’s also a perfect 50/50 blend of THC/CBD at 6 mgs each so when combined with the dominant terpenes of Limonene and Eucalyptus, it creates a wonderful sense of flow combined with razor-sharp thinking. In his words, it’s “a remarkably clear experience of euphoria and creativity unlike anything else.” CREATE has even proven to be a favorite among heavier users as well, which is where the Cordials multi-serve bottles are *chef’s kiss*.

Looking Ahead—Product Expansion and Future Collaborations

So, what exciting projects lie ahead for KOAN? Geoff explains that it’s too soon to go public with any official details, but they are actively working on expanding their products to include other high-quality experience options both in the Cordial space and other consumption methods. Now that he and his team have a strong knowledge in the area of targeting experience, they are actively exploring ways of bringing their Resonate System through all sorts of delivery methods adaptogenic plant ingredients and finding ways to combine their collective knowledge in unique and unexpected ways.

As for a dream collaboration, they’re currently working on one right now. Geoff hints, “It’s a secret so you will have to wait a bit to find out.”

About Geoff Selzer

Geoff Selzer founded Resonate Blends in October of 2018 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Prior to Resonate, Geoff was a consultant to New American Blends, a medicinal cannabis company, where he helped to rebrand, formulate and source product, organize development and create long term strategic plans.

About Resonate Blends, Inc. (OTCQB:KOAN)

Resonate Blends is a Calabasas, CA-based portfolio of Cannabis Wellness and Lifestyle brands. The company created the Resonate System—a comprehensive system of interconnected experience targets to personalize consumers’ relationship with Cannabis through its products. Koan Cordials, the world’s first Cannabis Cordial and Resonate’s flagship product line, was awarded the prestigious Gold Leaf Award for “Best New Brand” and a Clio Cannabis award for packaging and design. To learn more, please visit

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