Lleida.net launches USVC, a defense against forged or revoked electronic signatures

MADRID, Spain, Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The listed company Lleida.net (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) has just launched USVC, the first universal validator of electronic signatures.

The system, for which a patent application has already been filed in several countries, makes it possible to confirm the origin of any electronic signature and provide certainty about its origin and authenticity. It can verify the veracity of any digital signature, regardless of the platform with which it was signed, be it Docusign, Adobe, qualified electronic signature or any other.

USVC (which stands for Universal Signature Validator Certificate) fully and easily validates the electronic signatures of any file and generates an evidence document electronically signed by the company as a qualified service provider (TSP) that certifies that the validation has been performed, the result of the validation, the time at which the validation was performed and the validated document.

An industry bigger than registered notification and contracting

Sisco Sapena, CEO of Lleida.net, stated that "USVC's electronic signature validation technology has the potential to be bigger than the company's own current registered electronic signature certification business."

According to Sapena, "Our USVC is an important step into the future of electronic signature validation technology. The new technology will have a great acceptance in the market and is a significant new opportunity for Lleida.net in an industry that is evolving at full speed."

For a company like Lleida.net, whose revenues are mainly based on the SaaS industry as Lleida.net, and which has a prominent presence in the registered electronic signature, registered notification and contracting market, the USVC platform is going to mean an essential source of revenue and a new growth engine.

State-of-the-art technology

The technology has been developed over the last two years by the listed company's R&D team.

USVC can validate documents in various formats, such as PDF, Word, XML and images, using a qualified eIDAS-accredited service in accordance with ETSI TS 119 441. In addition, it can validate electronic signatures in different formats, including PADES for PDF documents and CADES or XADES for other types of documents, such as Word, Excel, videos, audios and images.

You can specify whether it is a document signed with an entity seal or with a natural person or representative certificate, and whether the electronic signature is qualified or advanced.

Lleida.net's USVC is the only service that recognizes both public checklists and TSL from Europe, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, among others. In addition, it verifies the format of certain signed documents such as electronic invoices and validates documents signed with eIDAS.

A defense against forged electronic signatures

In recent years, forged, expired or unverified registered electronic signatures have begun to represent a major problem in the digital society, since many users view them through viewers that do not verify their authenticity.

The ability to forge electronic signatures jeopardizes the authenticity and integrity of digital information and documentation, which can have serious consequences regarding fraud, false identity and legal problems.

According to Sapena, "The world is evolving towards a digital society, and this implies a large amount of electronically signed information and documentation. However, there is a risk of identity fraud and document forgery. USVC provides the solution to these problems."

European leader in the industry, listed on three markets

Lleida.net is a European leader in the registered electronic signature, notification and contracting industry, with 220 patents already received from more than 64 countries worldwide. These include the European Union, United States, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand.