Webtel.mobi’s US subsidiary – WM Holdings Inc. – reveals details of CBDC, Digital Currency and SWIFT Equivalents

List of 80 USPs reveals potential credible alternatives to Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins, as well as credible Hedges against both Inflation and Currency Depreciation

LONDON and NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Telephony Provider Webtel.mobi’s US subsidiary – WM Holdings Inc. – has revealed over 80 USPs of its facilities and services, covering over 80% of most market activities, on its website wmholdings.mobi

Inserted in the “USP Overview” section of the website, all USP Cards contain not just the description of the USPs themselves, but also links to specific extracts from top-tier Research Reports, and details of its fully operational Facilities, that substantiate every USP.

Included among these are:

  • The first Globally-Operational alternative to SWIFT
  • The first Globally-Operational alternative to the Global FX Market
  • The first Globally-Operational Wholesale + Retail CBDC equivalent
  • The first Gold-Backed Digital Currency
  • The first Globally-Operational Digital Multicurrency Currency equivalent
  • 75 additional USP – many of them also world-firsts

Included in the list of USPs are also details of two Instruments that facilitate a Hedge against both Inflation and Currency Depreciation – the two economic trends that consumer and business markets worldwide are currently struggling with.

Moreover, in the aftermath of the recent and ongoing fallout of the Cryptocurrencies space, its Operational TUV Digital Currency and CBDC equivalents appear able to fill the credibility gap left in the next-generation digital currency space left by these recent events.

Similarly, its SWIFT alternative represents the first fully operational 21st Century alternative to the SWIFT system since SWIFT’s debut 50 years ago.

The full list of 80 USPs, with links to supporting Research Reports and Operational Facility examples, can be seen in the “USP Overview” section of the WM Holdings Inc. website at https://wmholdings.mobi


WM Holdings Inc. Website: https://wmholdings.mobi

Contact: wm@thoburns.com

Inflation & Currency Depreciation Hedge: USPs 1 and 2

Alternative to SWIFT: USP 15

Alternative to Global FX Market: USP 16

Alternative to Global Multicurrency CBDCs: USPs 5, 7 and 8

Alternative Gold-Backed Digital Currency: USP 6

Alternative for Online & Offline Payments: USPs 28 and 29

Alternative to Cryptocurrencies: USPs 9, 10 and 11

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