Giant baby will cry until breastfeeding laws are changed

1 in 2 women in Spain have had to hide while breastfeeding in public according to a recent study


MADRID, Spain, Feb. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In Spain, 63.5% of women have felt judged when breastfeeding in a public space. A study, titled “Social Tolerance of Breastfeeding in Public” and carried out by LOLA MullenLowe and LinQ Market Research Spain also shows that 85% of women believe a law that protects this right is necessary.

LOLA MullenLowe and the non-profit organization Teta&Teta have joined forces to address rights for public breastfeeding and safeguard breastfeeding women, with a live stunt featuring a statue of a giant baby designed to boost awareness and provoke law makers to act.

The lifelike statue will cry non-stop in a main square in the center of Madrid to further support the results found in the study. The unavoidable crying allows the public to feel for themselves, first-hand, a mother’s experience.

“The only way for a baby to get what it wants is to cry and we used this protest to fight for the fundamental rights of babies and mothers. We need to raise awareness about an issue that women suffer more directly but affects all of us as a society. Public breastfeeding may seem normalized, but when you listen to mother’s stories, you realize that we still have a long way to go,” Saray Gonzalez & Helena Marzo Creative Directors, LOLA MullenLowe.

The hyper realistic baby was created by renowned sculptor Cristina Jobs. First, 3D scans of several real babies were taken, then 3D printed. This was followed by a detailed and labor-intensive process over several days where molds were made, and silicone was used to craft the structure, before it was skillfully painted to achieve the hyperrealism of skin.

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