TX RX Systems, Inc. Launches New Website with Additional User Features

The updated website and features give customers access to TX RX's full suite of products and services, including the new “Ask an Engineer” program

ANGOLA, N.Y., Feb. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TX RX Systems, pioneers in innovating, engineering, training, and servicing the radio frequency (RF) and land mobile radio (LMR) industries, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, www.txrx.com

The newly renovated website provides customers and partners full access to product and service information, along with brand-new features such as "Build a Quote" and "Ask an Engineer". These changes provide site users with unequivocal access to RF services, products, resources, and support for efficiently optimized RF communication networks. 

Overview of New Website Features 

The most noteworthy features added to the new TX RX website include:

  • The "Ask an Engineer" program
  • The "Build a Quote" feature
  • New client questionnaire and RMA forms
  • Brand-new markets and services pages

TX RX's new Ask an Engineer program puts TX RX customers in direct contact with the company's application engineers. Through this program, customers can get professional answers to questions about new and existing RF hardware designs.  

The new Build a Quote feature allows site visitors to obtain accurate quotes on specialized RF equipment directly from the site, while the new client questionnaire and RMA (Return Material Authorization) forms allow customers to submit their information for TX RX services or returns directly for a simpler and quicker process.  

In addition to the above features, TX RX has added a series of market and service pages. The new pages provide up-to-date resources on how TX RX resolves customer communication challenges across different environments. 

The website's new market sections provide visitors with an overview of TX RX's industry-specific RF conditioning solutions, customized for a range of different markets, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Critical Communications
  • Public Safety
  • Government
  • Warehouse & Distributing
  • Education

The new services sections outline what customers can expect from TX RX. Many industry leaders choose to specialize in only a few niche service areas instead, TX RX is positioning itself to become the RF industry's full-service provider, offering a wide range of services, including:

  • RF Design
  • Manufacturing
  • RF Testing
  • Field Services
  • New Product Development
  • Remote Monitoring

About TX RX 

Headquartered in Angola, New York, TX RX has proven to be an industry front-runner since its founding in 1976. In the 45+ years since its inception, TX RX has developed many innovative technologies for the RF and LMR markets that are now commonly used throughout the industry. These innovations include, but are not limited to, the T-Pass® Transmit Combiner, Auto-Backup® Tower Top Amplifier, and the wideband collinear Base Station Antennas. 

Today, TX RX is one of the only OEM manufacturers of RF conditioning hardware and equipment to also provide a comprehensive suite of RF conditioning services, products, and training opportunities across multiple markets.  

TX RX is ISO 9001:2015, RoHS, and "Made in USA" certified.

Contact TX RX 

For more information, please contact TX RX through the following channels: 

Email: jslomba@txrx.com 

Physical address: 8625 Industrial Parkway, Angola, NY 14006 

Phone: +1-866-442-8979 (TXRX)