Advisors Mortgage Group’s Lake Forest, California, Sales Director Part of Webinar on Philanthropy

‘The Wheelhouse,’ Hosted by Free Wheelchair Mission, Discusses Return on Philanthropy Investment with Its Donors

OCEAN TOWNSHIP, N.J., Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- Advisors Mortgage Group (“Advisors” or the “Company”), based in Ocean Township, New Jersey, announces that Adam Ennabe, sales director from the Company’s Lake Forest, California, branch, recently took part in a webinar called “The Wheelhouse,” which talked about the return on philanthropic investment. The Lake Forest team is a major sponsor of Free Wheelchair Mission, which is a nonprofit organization that designs and manufactures cost-efficient wheelchairs for developing countries around the world. For every loan the Lake Forest branch closes, they donate $96, which is the cost of one wheelchair.

Perla Wright, branch manager, got involved with the charity 10 years ago when a representative came to her office asking if she would like to help. The Company’s participation has grown exponentially over the years, and now Advisors is the main sponsor of Free Wheelchair Mission’s annual “Miracle for Mobility” event. Ennabe hopes the Company’s charitable endeavors will shape its younger employees’ future lives.

“By our involvement in charities, we are showing them what they should expect from a company they work for,” Ennabe said. “We are growing individuals who want to give back on the same philanthropic path that Advisors has always been on.”

As the main topic of the webinar was the return on investment, Ennabe outlined how, for just a $96 donation to Free Wheelchair Mission, donors can transform someone’s life. He stated, “A $96 donation gives someone a huge advantage. It gives them the opportunity to be seen, to go to work, or go to school. I wish I could transform all of my employees’ lives with just $96.”

Another topic discussed during the webinar was, “Why is Corporate Philanthropy so Important.” Ennabe talked about how it’s important to work for a company that has an impact on the community, and one that does so gives its employees a greater purpose in life other than just making money.

Ennabe stated, “Every day when I come to work, I think about not only did I help someone buy their first home, but we are looking at how many wheelchairs we are getting. Someone in another part of the world is being lifted off the ground. Ten years ago, we were given the opportunity to open our branch office by Advisors, and now we are giving our employees the opportunity to give back to people in other countries around the world.”

To learn more about Free Wheelchair Mission, visit the organization’s website at:

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The Wheelhouse: Return on (Philanthropic) Investment (Originally live streamed on Jan. 25, 2023)