Tek84 Inc. Announces Acquisition of IDSS Corp.

Combination Expands Tek84’s High Technology X-ray Security Scanning Solutions

SAN DIEGO, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- High technology security screening and surveillance pioneer Tek84 Inc. announced today the acquisition of Integrated Defense and Security Solutions (IDSS) Corp., a global leader in airport scanner technology. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Tek84 develops and manufactures ultra-low-dose x-ray scanning solutions that detect threats – weapons, drugs and other contraband – hidden under clothing, within body cavities and inside vehicles, packages, walls and objects. Tek84 systems are deployed worldwide in jails, prisons and other detention centers, airports, embassies, court houses, border crossings, event venues and critical infrastructure.

IDSS combines advanced AI algorithms and high resolution, three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) scanning technology to identify threats in passenger baggage more quickly and effectively than traditional two-dimensional x-ray scans. IDSS security solutions include the DETECT™ 1000 carry-on baggage scanner, the DETECT 320 CT Based Cargo scanner and the new DETECT 1000S reduced footprint scanner. IDSS has also developed a revolutionary remote screening product for intra and inter-airport use. The DETECT platform is Open Architecture compliant leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technology for the automated detection of explosives, prohibited items and narcotics. The systems are deployed at airports and border crossings worldwide.

“This transaction brings together industry-leading x-ray scanning technologies that help protect against a wide range of security threats, including contraband, human trafficking and terrorism,” said Kevin Russeth, Tek84 President. “The acquisition expands our presence on the east coast, combines complementary businesses and opens new markets for the combined companies’ products and services.”

IDSS Chief Executive Officer and President Jeffrey Hamel commented: “We are pleased to join forces with Tek84. Our cutting-edge platform technologies will enable us to offer a more comprehensive set of security solutions for our customers, as well as develop new products that address emerging and evolving threats.”

About Tek84 Inc.
Tek84 is a pioneer and global leader in high technology x-ray scanning security solutions. We developed the world’s first body scanner and today enhance security for law enforcement, military and dignitaries wherever it is needed most. Tek84’s Intercept is the fastest growing x-ray body scanning system for contraband detection in jails, prisons, juvenile detention facilities, court houses and border crossings. The company’s Boston-based affiliate, Videray Technologies, Inc. offers powerful yet portable handheld x-ray scanners for vehicles, packages, walls and objects. Customers worldwide rely upon Tek84 technology for safety and security, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the State of Israel. Tek84 is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, contact info@tek84.com or visit www.tek84.com.

About IDSS
Integrated Defense and Security Solutions is a small business security technology manufacturer based in Boxboro, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of security experts with the goal of developing security solutions to address current and future threats to aviation. The DETECT™ 1000 has received certification by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) for explosives detection. While designed initially for explosives detection, the Open Architecture DETECT™ 1000 superior image quality and x-ray information can also be leveraged for the Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) of mail and parcels containing food and similar sized items. Visit us at www.idsscorp.net

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