Alpine IQ and Flourish Announce a Tier 7 Integration to drive efficient, seamless operations for retailers and brands

BROOMFIELD, Colo., March 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpine IQ, the leading data and marketing solutions provider for retailers and brands, today announced a new integration with Flourish, a point-of-sale and ERP software for cannabis companies. The integration of these two industry-leading solutions provides a streamlined, efficient solution to drive increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

"This integration is a significant step forward and game-changer,” said Nicholas Paschal, CEO and co-founder of Alpine IQ. “Flourish is an enterprise-grade retail point-of-sale solution, and this integration provides a complete solution for companies’ looking to drive increased revenue and loyalty. We’re excited to see the benefits that this integration brings to our customers.”

When customers earn points for Flourish purchases or actions with Alpine IQ, those points can be redeemed for discounts linked with Alpine IQ. Those discounts can come in the form of dollars or percentage off a purchase and can be focused on particular brands, products, product types, spending volume, and other desired goals. In the POS, you can dynamically see and apply mapped discounts to a customer’s order at checkout.

Alpine IQ’s integration with Flourish brings a range of new features and benefits for cannabis retailers and brands, including streamlined customer sign-up with customer syncing and matching, integrated sales for automated point earnings and redemptions, and customer-specific A.I. driven recommendations for instore products. Additionally, the integration includes dynamic in-cart point redemptions tied to Flourish’s advanced discount engine and receipt QR codes for signup and member status.

“We’ve seen tremendous success at launch both with one of our highest volume retail clients and largest multi-store retail chain client and are very excited to show this to the rest of the industry," said Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish. “Alpine IQ has been a world-class partner in helping us build this integration, which significantly automates retail business processes and enables our clients to drive more sales.”

About Alpine IQ:
Alpine IQ empowers high-risk industries by providing customer-focused technology to help retailers and brands of all sizes resolve growth challenges and generate revenue. The company provides customers with the industry's most extensive suite of tools to protect, segment, and promote all in-store and online operations.

About Flourish:
Flourish Software is a leading seed-to-sale supply tracking and chain management platform built specifically for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. Companies that cultivate, extract, manufacture, distribute, or retail cannabis use Flourish’s software to drive their supply chain operations, manage costs, and stay compliant.

Media Contact:
Alesia Anderson
PR for Alpine IQ