IVO Ltd. to Launch Quantum Drive Pure Electric Satellite Thruster into Orbit on SpaceX Transporter 8 with partner Rogue Space Systems

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IVO Ltd., the pioneer of capacitive based technologies, today announced its pure electric thruster for satellites, the IVO Quantum Drive, will be aboard SpaceX Transporter 8. Hosted by IVO’s partner, Rogue Space Systems, the Quantum Drive-powered satellite will begin its journey to low earth orbit on June 10th, 2023. After demonstration and baselining of the IVO Quantum Drive’s performance specifications, IVO Ltd will provide propulsion for Rogue Orbots supporting Rogue’s high-mobility satellite servicing business model.

The IVO Quantum Drive is the world’s first commercially viable and available pure electric propulsion technology to achieve legitimacy via thermal vacuum testing. The thruster technology provides unmatched efficiency, achieving up to 52 mN from a single watt with the ability to stack units to multiply thrust output. Thrusters can be mounted in any orientation enabling up to 6 degrees of freedom. This is done solely via electricity, eliminating the need for liquid, solid or gas fuels. The elimination of legacy fuel systems and storage allows for a larger payload and a reduced form factor of any spacecraft. Due to a lack of emissions, the thruster can be mounted internally to a satellite.

The IVO Quantum Drive:

  • removes the need to refuel or deorbit due to fuel limitations,
  • draws limitless power for propulsion from the sun, and
  • brings unmatched efficiency, scalability and capability to the space industry.

“Quantum Drive’s small size and big capabilities helps us develop incredibly efficient, lightweight, maneuverable, fuel independent and most importantly cost effective spacecraft,” said Brent Abbott, chief business officer, Rogue Space Systems.

“Deploying Quantum Drive into orbit in a Rogue satellite on SpaceX Transporter 8 is a milestone for the future of space propulsion,” said Richard Mansell, CEO, IVO, Ltd. “Quantum Drive’s capability allows Rogue to produce new satellite vehicles with unlimited Delta V.”

Space Propulsion Breakthrough:
In 2021 Richard Mansell discovered pure electric thrust is viable for spacecraft through a combination of mathematics and empirical test data.

Mansell invented the IVO Quantum Drive. Due to its use of electricity only and zero fuel, the IVO Quantum Drive has zero emissions and is self contained. This allows it the unique ability to be internal to the spacecraft itself. The IVO Quantum Drive’s modular design allows it to scale on multiple axes to meet the needs of each individual spacecraft regardless of thrust requirements.

IVO Ltd. worked with E-Labs of Fredericksburg, VA to test and validate the Quantum Drive pure electric thruster under the rigorous conditions it will see in space.

About Rogue Space Systems
Rogue is engineering the first generation of Orbital Robots. We call them Orbots™. The space industry is growing rapidly, and human presence in space is expanding. Orbots™ are designed to support the growth of the industry and human endeavors in LEO, GEO and beyond… https://rogue.space/

About IVO Ltd.
IVO Ltd. is a company made up of inventors, innovators, dreamers and creators dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern technology. IVO Ltd. is providing revolutionary technology from pure electric thrusters to capacitive based wireless energy transmission solutions. The company is committed to developing technologies that improve life on Earth and expand mankind’s reach to the stars beyond. https://ivolimited.us/

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IVO Quantum Drive Pure Electric Satellite Thruster