Fresco Launches KitchenOS, the All-In-One Connected Kitchen Platform for Appliance Brands and Home Cooks

Smart kitchen leader debuts new seamless cooking experience with partner Instant Brands

DUBLIN, Ireland, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fresco, the leading smart kitchen platform for the world's appliance brands, today announced the launch of its all-in-one operating system, KitchenOS. The platform combines all of the building blocks to unlock the full value of connected appliances, from IoT appliance control and branded app development to smart recipes, and engagement tools. KitchenOS makes cooking effortless and rewarding through an enhanced user experience while enabling manufacturers to connect with customers and send personalized content, informed by how they use their appliances.

"Many smart interfaces have been created for the kitchen, with each manufacturer and appliance taking a unique approach," said CEO and co-founder of Fresco, Ben Harris. "However, this has caused the connected kitchen to become fragmented, with few platforms providing additional value to home cooks beyond the ability to start and stop an appliance from their phones. Fresco's operating system bridges these gaps by enabling cross-brand connectivity so that home cooks can seamlessly orchestrate any appliance in the kitchen no matter the brand. This platform is a stepping stone in realizing the potential of the smart kitchen and we’re thrilled to launch it with long-time partner Instant Brands.”

After 12 months of research and user testing, Fresco identified the challenges that home cooks were experiencing and built a smart cooking assistant to solve them. Through guided cooking, multi-appliance control, and a universal user experience, Fresco is helping home cooks make perfect cooking simple regardless of their skill level. They also gain access to a growing ecosystem of appliance manufacturers to create a truly connected kitchen and to top recipe publishers to ensure high-quality content.

The Instant Pot Pro Plus is the first appliance to launch on the KitchenOS platform and will soon be joined by many additional, Fresco-connected kitchen appliances. With more than four million app users, Instant Brands has the dedicated user base and forward-looking vision to take the next big step in advancing the smart kitchen. As more manufacturers and appliances are added to Fresco’s ecosystem, users will be able to use one Fresco account to access and control all of their connected appliances on any interface that fits with their cooking flow, from smartphones and appliance screens to smart speakers and smart home assistants.

“Fresco’s platform enables appliance manufacturers to tap into the full potential of their connected products and provide seamless experiences for their customers,” said Chief Product Officer of Fresco, Anthony Sullivan. “Using the built-in smart tools, appliance manufacturers can better engage with and understand the needs of their customers every time they cook. In turn, manufacturers are able to enhance usage of their appliances and develop new consumer-centric products.”

Fresco also provides a dedicated team of experts tasked with onboarding appliance manufacturers and helping them reduce the time, complexity, and cost of launching smart appliances. This is a competitive edge that will become even more valuable as consumer demand for smarter home appliances continues to increase.

“At Instant Brands, we’re executing a vision that empowers our consumers to enjoy and create great food by leveraging technology seamlessly across multiple Instant products and partner brands. This is all part of our strategy to create the new Instant Brands Connected Kitchen,” said CEO of Instant Brands, Ben Gadbois. “Providing guided cooking, delicious recipes, inspirational content, and an overall simplified experience is just the beginning. We were lucky to find a partner like Fresco, who shares in our vision, and has been a great partner as we collaborate to deliver a connected kitchen that will go well beyond just controlling appliances. With Fresco's KitchenOS platform, Instant Brands now has the foundation to begin delivering new functionality and products that will make our vision a reality. We are very excited with what we will be able to provide our consumers over the coming months.”

For more information on joining the Fresco platform, visit To explore the new Fresco-connected experience with Instant Brands, download the Instant Brands Connect app.

About Fresco
Fresco, the all-in-one kitchen platform, combines the key ingredients to unlock the value of connected appliances for home cooks and manufacturers. From IoT appliance control and app development to smart recipes, and engagement tools, Fresco’s KitchenOS makes cooking effortless and rewarding for home cooks while empowering manufacturers to connect with and serve personalized solutions to their consumers. Partnering with Bosch, Electrolux, GE Appliances, Instant Brands, Kenwood, LG Electronics, Panasonic, and Thermomix, Fresco’s neutral, cross-brand platform provides a smart cooking assistant to over three million home cooks worldwide. Founded in 2012, Fresco operates globally and has offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Zaragoza, Spain. To learn more, visit;

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