Dimensions Announces Partnership with the New Health Club to Expand Retreat Offerings in Europe

Anne Philippi Appointed to Dimensions Board of Advisors

TORONTO, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dimensions, a Canadian company offering safe and legal plant medicine-assisted experiences for personal growth and well-being, has announced a partnership with the New Health Club, a global psychedelic community and media platform. As Dimensions explores opportunities to expand their retreat offerings in Europe, the partnership will be instrumental in building a strong network there, and in connecting and educating audiences on Dimensions’ program offerings and ethos of healing.

Dimensions’ pioneering retreat programs unite neuroscientific research with psychedelic plant ceremony, community, healing modalities, and luxury-focused accommodations in nature. While on retreat, guests open themselves up to new ways of being and explore expanded states of consciousness through psychotherapy, psychedelic plant medicine ceremony, music, personal healing work, and integrative mind–body practices such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, and reiki, in a safe and private environment.

The New Health Club is a Berlin-based, online and offline community focused on mental wellness and legal psychedelics, featuring interviews with leaders, innovators, and disruptors across the space. Dimensions Co-Founders Chris Dawson and Andrew Galloway are featured in a new podcast episode discussing both this new partnership and the future of international psychedelic retreats.

“The New Health Club is the ideal partner to explore opportunities to offer our established retreat model in Europe. We have taken great care to develop protocols, integrative practices, and modalities that can offer profound personal growth, and we are thrilled to be introducing Dimensions to this market. Anne has demonstrated a deep commitment to educating the public on the research around the use of safe and legal psychedelic-assisted therapies, and she will be an asset to our leadership as a member of our Advisory Board,” said Chris Dawson, Co-Founder and CEO of Dimensions.

Anne Philippi, Founder of the New Health Club, added, “We are excited to collaborate with Dimensions as a partner for Europe. Their medically informed retreat vision is very valuable. I think it is a great time to create a trauma-informed, legal and vetted retreat landscape in Europe, and we will do this together with Dimensions. We put a great team together and are ready to go. This will be an important step to reintroduce psychedelics to society.”

Dimensions and the New Health Club will collaborate on several psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands, starting in autumn of 2023. In Canada, Dimensions facilitates the legal and safe use of cannabis as a psychedelic plant medicine. Dimensions’ International retreats will feature an expanded repertoire of psychedelic healing modalities (truffles) within their range of psychedelic assisted therapy programs, where permitted by local authorities. The partnership will also explore cannabis retreats in Europe over the next two years. Retreat enquiries are now being placed on a wait list at: dimensions@thenewhealthclub.de

Guests interested in a Canadian preview of the cannabis retreat program taking place July 19–23, 2023 can book through this Dimensions Algonquin Highlands website, also linked here.

About Dimensions
Dimensions focuses on restorative well-being and transformational growth by combining neuroscientific research with Plant Ceremony, therapeutic healing modalities, and luxurious hospitality. Dimensions Algonquin Highlands is the first in a growing collection of international retreats in spectacular, natural settings. In Canada, Dimensions facilitates the legal and safe use of cannabis as a psychedelic plant medicine. Dimensions’ International retreats will feature an expanded repertoire of psychedelic modalities (truffles) within their range of psychedelic-assisted therapy programs, where permitted by local authorities. www.dimensionsretreats.com

For reservations, contact: reservations@dimensionsretreats.com

About The New Health Club

The New Health Club (TNHC) engages with thought leaders, innovators and disruptors from the new world of psychedelics. TNHC helps its community learn about everything from microdosing to psychedelic retreats. The organisation believes in the benefits of psychedelic therapies for health, lifestyle, and wellness optimization—when done right. The TNHC mission is to re-introduce psychedelics into society.


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