Big Blanket Co Introduces the World’s Biggest Big Blanket

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., April 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Big Blanket Co, the maker of the world’s first 100 square foot (10’ x 10’) blanket, today announces the launch of something even bigger: the World’s Biggest Big Blanket. Innovating upon the award-winning Original Stretch™ blanket, Big Blanket Co has developed a revolutionary new product measuring a whopping 400 square feet (20’ x 20’). The new blanket delivers on the company's mission to unlock absurd levels of coziness that the boring, conventional blankets don’t give you.

Based on tens of thousands of cozy customer reviews, Big Blanket Co set out to develop an updated version of its best-selling blanket with even more square footage. The revolutionary design is 300% bigger than the original Big Blanket and clocks in at 45 pounds, making it 350% heavier than the standard Big Blanket.

“In 2019 we changed the blanket game forever when we launched the world’s first 100 square foot (10’ x 10’) blanket,” says Bryan Simpson, co-founder and CEO of Big Blanket Co. “But then a guy on Facebook named Greg said he would make a bigger blanket. We couldn't let that happen and we’re proud to introduce the World’s Biggest Big Blanket at 400 square feet. Take that, Greg.”

This incredibly exclusive new product does come with a few disclaimers:

  • It will break your washing machine
  • FedEx will not deliver it
  • It is presumed illegal in Canada and Rhode Island
  • California will tax it as a bedroom
  • It requires two people to lift

As the newest addition to the Big Blanket Co family, the World’s Biggest Big Blanket – while risky – brings intentional design to a stagnant product category. It’s big enough to cover your deepest, darkest secrets with room to spare.

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Disclaimer: This press release is issued on April Fool’s Day. All news to be considered through the lens of April Fool’s Day.

About Big Blanket Co
Big Blanket Co is leading the way in the blanket and bedding industry. Built upon the belief that small blankets suck, Big Blanket Co’s original line of blankets is 4x the size of an average throw blanket and larger than a king-size blanket. That’s large enough to end the blanket war between partners, cover and cuddle the whole family, or just roll yourself into a human burrito. Known for its incredibly cozy blankets, Big Blanket Co is committed to bringing you the biggest, best comfort you can get. Based in Springfield, Missouri, Big Blanket Co has been welcomed into more than 500,000 homes across the world.

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Image shows a 200 square foot blanket and an elephant, the blanket is larger than the elephant. Image shows a 200 square foot blanket covering an entire office floor with two women sitting on the blanket