EDO Performance Report Determines GMC, Nissan and Polestar Most Effective TV Advertisers ahead of New York International Auto Show

Electrifying growth in EV advertising performance recognized at second annual TV Outcomes Awards, powered by EDO’s proprietary TV outcomes data, during New York Auto Forum

NEW YORK, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EDO, the TV outcomes company, today honored advertising from GMC, Nissan and Polestar at the second annual EDO TV Outcomes Awards presented at the New York Auto Forum, hosted by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and J.D. Power.

The awards are based on each brand’s TV performance in 2022, as measured by real-time consumer engagement. EDO uses its proprietary Engagement Rate to score the increase in online activity for a brand or product in the minutes following a TV ad airing: a method with a proven link to in-market business results.

EDO recognized GMC, Polestar, and Nissan for their strength in converting consumer awareness into consideration and intent as reflected in behaviors via TV advertising across three categories:

  • Most Engaging Ad of the Year, Non-Luxury Auto was presented to GMC for Hummer EV’s “King of the CrabWalk ft. LeBron James.” The CrabWalk spot is the top-performing ad within the non-luxury automotive segment in 2022, outperforming the average non-luxury ad last year by 893%.
  • Most Engaging Ad of the Year, Luxury Auto was presented to Polestar for “No Compromises,” which debuted during Super Bowl 56 and was the top-performing Big Game ad in 2022. ”No Compromises” was 454% more likely to engage viewers than the average luxury ad last year.
  • “When Your Ad Is on the Line” Award was presented to Nissan for its 29% year-over-year consumer engagement growth, thanks to successful campaigns with Brie Larson – including another high-scoring Super Bowl spot in 2022, “Thrill Driver.”

“Today’s top-performing auto brands – including GMC, Nissan and Polestar – have aligned their TV campaign messaging with the growing popularity of EVs to appeal to today’s buyers,” said EDO CEO Kevin Krim. “I commend all three brands, which aired smart brand campaigns last year, for connecting with consumers in future-forward, fun, and bold creatives that also drove industry-leading behavioral outcomes.”

The award winners reflect the dramatic increase in popularity of electric vehicles in recent years. In 2022, EDO data noted EV and hybrid auto ads outperformed traditional gas powered vehicle ads by 19%, with a 173% increase in airings year-over-year. . Since 2020, EV and hybrid ads have outperformed non-EV spots in ad engagement by as much as 36% per year on a per person, per second basis.

For more auto advertising insights, download EDO’s TV performance report.

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