Hannover Messe 2023: TXOne Networks shows how to safeguard and harden Industry 4.0 against growing cyber threats

OT Zero Trust – a device-centric methodology that ensures the operational reliability and digital safety of OT/ICS environments

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands and HANNOVER, Germany, April 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TXOne Networks, the leader of industrial cybersecurity, will showcase its comprehensive OT (Operational Technology) cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructures at Hannover Messe 2023 (17- 21 April 2023). In Hall 16, booth A04, TXOne will demonstrate how to solve cybersecurity issues in sensitive OT networks, focusing mainly on scenarios in the manufacturing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. In keeping with its asset lifecycle protection strategy, the company will present its holistic OT cybersecurity solution that covers security inspection, endpoint protection and network security.

As TXOne has stated in its recently published Insights Into ICS/OT Cybersecurity 2022 report, when it comes to cybersecurity, technology leaps forward at an accelerated and unpredictable pace, which means that threats posed by malicious adversaries only stay on the horizon briefly before becoming a dire reality. Many industries nowadays must cope with evolutions in disruptive ransomware extortion and attacks on supply chains and critical infrastructure assets. In order to safeguard the attacked industries and repel these cyber threats, end-to-end solutions are needed. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner with its OT Zero Trust methodology. This architecture makes sure that each piece of equipment is covered by at least one security countermeasure during its lifecycle.

True to its motto: “Keep the Operation Running”, TXOne offers complete solutions consisting of supply chain security, anti-malware for endpoints, and industrial network protection. The company is keen to address the security limitations of multiple OT verticals and painstakingly protect critical assets throughout their entire lifecycle, whether modern or legacy, with multi-layered measures.

“Here at TXOne Networks we advocate the OT Zero Trust methodology, which touts both a process of continuous verification and a device-centric approach that covers all stages in the device lifecycle. Every piece of equipment should be inspected before sending it to the production line, and all equipment components should be continuously monitored and protected while they proceed with manufacturing operations. IT teams may be willing to temporarily compromise a portion of service availability in favor of enhancing security measures during a certain period. However, personnel in operational technology (OT) would likely prioritize system availability over security and make trade-offs in the opposite direction to maintain optimal performance,” said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks.

Visit TXOne Networks at Booth #A04 in Hall 16 at Hannover Messe 2023

TXOne Networks will showcase a full stack of OT-native products and solutions for visitors looking for reliable ways to secure their OT/ICS environments. Exhibition highlights include:

Portable Inspector
The new security inspection tool is installation-free and therefore easy and quick to deploy as well as particularly user-friendly. It generates virus-free reports for regulatory compliance and scans system vulnerabilities for risk assessment. The brand new ElementOne management console for a detailed asset security overview grants the highest level of safety and visibility.

EdgeIPS 103
TXOne networks has updated the second-generation engine (Edge V2) of the recently launched intrusion prevention system for protecting mission-critical machines and ensuring the continuous and seamless operation of production lines. TXOne enhanced many features from EdgeIPS 102. The throughput speed is 4x faster than EdgeIPS 102 and the new system contains an out-of-band management port and upgraded fail-safe features.

In addition to the latest products, an all-terrain product portfolio will be presented to show how TXOne Networks offers thorough protection for OT environments. The TXOne booth will be staffed with executives and security experts to meet and answer the most critical questions about all areas relating to OT cybersecurity.

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About TXOne Networks

TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of industrial control systems and operational technology environments through the OT zero trust methodology. TXOne Networks works together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices in a real-time, defense-in-depth manner. www.txone.com

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TXOne Networks EdgeIPS 103 System