Re:Zero Comes to Life in Idle RPG AFK Arena in Latest Crossover — Say Hello to Rem and Emilia!

AFK Arena Celebrates its Four-Year Anniversary with In-Game Rewards and Epic Events

SHANGHAI, China, April 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, developer and publisher Lilith Games — known for popular mobile games Dislyte and Rise of Kingdoms — announced the latest brand collaboration coming to hit mobile idler AFK Arena. Starting April 12, 2023, players can enjoy all-new content from globally popular anime series Re:Zero. As part of the collaboration, AFK Arena will welcome beloved Re:Zero characters Rem and Emilia, who will be available via normal summons and during limited-time in-game events.

Re:Zero - Starting Life in the Realm of Esperia

With Emilia as the central character driving the event plot, Rem temporarily puts aside her
duties as a servant and joins in an unexpected journey through the land of Esperia. Together,
they must form alliances with new friends and conquer enemies in what could be the fight of
their lives!


Code #1: AFKRE0

  • 1000 diamonds, massive Gold, Hero EXP

Code #2: LUCK2023

  • 10*stargazer scroll, 10*common hero scroll, 10*SP/Awaken Hero Scroll, and 3000 diamonds

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AFK Arena Key Features:

  • Level Up Effortlessly: AFK Arena builds upon the standards of the idle RPG genre while innovating in the core gameplay and core loop. Battle to receive rewards, and use the fruits of battle to level up your squad!

  • Customize your Crew: With over 100 heroes and seven unique factions to choose from, AFK Arena offers a nearly endless way to mix and match characters to create your perfect team.

  • Cat Gacha Tongue?: AFK Arena leverages gacha mechanics to acquire powerful heroes. Try your luck at pulling top-tier rarity heroes, or upgrade the lower-tiered ones by fusing required or lesser versions into them in a process called Ascendence.

  • A Realm of Possibilities: Throughout their battles, players will discover lore the stories of the heroes they’re battling as and the hidden legends of the enigmatic and mystical world of Esperia

Don’t miss out! This special crossover event won’t last forever — log in and claim Rem and Emilia and take part in Re:Zero themed events until June 10th.

Join over 30 million AFK Arena players today by downloading it for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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A press kit containing screenshots, key art, videos, GIFs, and more, is available here:

About AFK Arena

Developed and published by Shanghai-based Lilith Games, AFK Arena is a F2P casual idler game for iOS and Android mobile devices. AFK Arena’s traditional role-playing themes and deep, lore-filled storyline are punctuated by its highly detailed, fairy tale-esque art style and smooth, precise gameplay. Boasting more than 100 hero units from seven separate factions, every hero possesses their own fleshed-out storyline. As the name suggests, AFK Arena “plays itself” while players have the freedom to enjoy the idle experience or take part in the game’s many active objectives, like progressing the storyline, which is divided into chapters. Leveling up in AFK Arena (during idle gameplay) means earning Diamonds, the in-game currency. Rewards are also earned through guild events, clearing labyrinths, completing weekly quests, and competing in ranked battles with other players’ teams. With enough Diamonds, players can summon new heroes and continue climbing the leveling system. Learn more at

About Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World is a light novel created by Tatsuhei Nagatsuki, with manga, anime, games, and other derivative works, about an otherworldly dark magic adventure story with reincarnation as the attractive mechanism. The first season of the light novel was first released in April 2016, followed by two OVA theatrical versions and a second season of prequels and sequels, and its anime works have won several awards and accumulated high popularity around the world: 2016 Crunchyroll Highest Rated Anime, Crunchyroll-2016 Anime of the Year 2016, SUGOI JAPAN Award 2017 (Animation Division, Light Novel Division), Crunchyroll-Best Fantasy award 2021.


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