DTS Announces New Universal Data Logger – TSR AIR

The ultra-small Shock & Vibration Data Logger advancing product & safety testing

SEAL BEACH, Calif., April 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) announced the release of the new TSR AIR data logger for automotive, aerospace, and industrial testing. Part of the Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG), DTS is a leading manufacturer of sensors, data loggers, and data acquisition systems for critical testing. The miniature TSR AIR combines a data acquisition system and sensors in an ultra-compact enclosure, which makes setup quicker and testing easier.


The miniature TSR AIR data logger from DTS includes 11 built-in sensors for shock and vibration testing. The TSR AIR is ideal for automotive, aerospace, and industrial test applications with tight size and weight constraints. A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/9ab5c1aa-9de4-4417-aaf5-8d72d11bdbad

DTS is known for rugged test instrumentation. The TSR AIR is high-shock rated and has a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 60°C. Ideal for both transient shock and long-term monitoring, the innovative power management solution allows the TSR AIR to monitor your system for hours, weeks, or months.

“Selecting the right kind of test equipment is critical to successful testing,” says Kyvory Henderson, Director of Business Development at DTS. “There are many new technologies that have gone into the universal TSR AIR. It also includes key features from products DTS developed for NASA and NFL projects,” adds Henderson. One additional feature is the ability to stream data in real-time.

The TSR AIR is a versatile data logger that can solve complex testing challenges. The compact aluminum enclosure features 11 built-in sensors, including high G accelerometers, low G accelerometers, angular rate sensors, and environmental sensors. The shock and vibration data collected is crucial for product development, performance validation, and safety testing.

According to Henderson, the universal data logger is ideal for applications such as Shock & Vibration Analysis, In-Flight Testing, UAV/Drones, Parachute Deployment, Engine Vibration, Vehicle Crash, Transportation Monitoring, and High-Value Asset Tracking.

For more information on the TSR AIR or the full line of DTS products, visit www.dtsweb.com or contact sales@dtsweb.com.

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About DTS: Diversified Technical Systems specializes in rugged, miniature data acquisition systems and sensors for product development, performance validation, and safety testing. DTS test and measurement solutions support critical testing in automotive safety, aerospace, injury biomechanics, sports, military, and defense. DTS is the leader in In-Dummy data acquisition systems for crash testing and manufactures the WIAMan blast test manikin for the U.S. Army. Founded in 1990, DTS is headquartered in Seal Beach, California, and has technical centers worldwide.