DetraPel Announces the Re-Brand of its Industrial Pillar to Impermea Materials, an Advanced Materials Company Manufacturing PFAS-Free, Fluorine-Free and Plastic Alternative Solutions

Formally known as DetraPel, Impermea Materials unveils its new brand as it expands its offerings across food & packaging, textiles, automotive, and more as regulatory and consumer demands increase for PFAS-free and plastic-free goods

BOSTON, April 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, DetraPel Inc. announces the re-brand of its industrial pillar with the launch of Impermea Materials, an advanced materials coating company. This comes at a pivotal time as Impermea Materials is currently working with four of the largest paper suppliers in the world to serve their industry-leading CPG customers who are aiming to offer premium and environmentally friendly packaging options to their increasingly eco-conscious customer bases.

Man-made chemicals, known as PFAS, have been used in industrial and manufacturing processes for years across a variety of goods alongside polyethylene (PE) in packaging. However, after recent research on their negative effects on human health and the environment, strict regulation has been introduced, with many major brands committing to going PFAS-free and/or PE-free. Impermea Materials provides various industries better performing products for everyday use with its patented protective coatings that are made from PFAS-free and fluorine-free, bio-based chemistries. These barrier coatings provide best-in-class oil & grease resistance (OGR) moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR/WVTR), fan-apart adhesives, release coatings, and temperature fluctuations for reheating, enabling brands to transition to plastic-free options all while maintaining recyclability, repulpability & compostability.

“Since our inception nine years ago, we have been developing PFAS-free (100% fluorine-free), water-based chemistries that outperform their fluorinated counterparts. Our team is now at the forefront of the industrial manufacturing transition currently underway to remove toxic chemicals from the everyday products we come into contact with,” said David Zamarin, Founder and CEO of Impermea Materials. “For brands looking to accelerate the transition to safer solutions and match performance goals, our team at Impermea works directly with manufacturing teams to remove the chemicals and plastics without sacrificing the everyday performance of the products, and creates new efficiencies across their supply chain.”

Impermea’s coatings are commercially available today and are already being utilized in product production plans both nationally and internationally with leading CPG companies. With the race to change food packaging ahead, the team at Impermea Materials will continue to hit the ground running exhibiting at nine major trade shows now through the summer months.

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About Impermea Materials: (a DetraPel-owned company)
Impermea Materials is an advanced materials company who powers extraordinary innovations through ordinary materials. Impermea specializes in manufacturing PFAS-free protective coatings that improve durability and performance across textile, paperboard, food packaging, automotive, healthcare, and more. The Company's award-winning chemical engineering team produces its coatings in-house at its facility in Massachusetts. By bringing innovative, cost effective, and environmentally safe chemicals to industries that meet performance standards, Impermea offers safer solutions to revolutionize every brand they work with. Visit the website at

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