Second Edition of Best-Selling Book, How to Measure Anything in Cyber Risk, Launches Globally

Author Richard Seiersen provides a start-to-finish guide for realistically measuring cybersecurity risk, a core step to building lasting Cyber Resilience

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resilience, the next-generation cyber risk solutions company, is proud to announce the launch of Chief Cyber Resilience Officer, Richard Seiersen’s second edition of his best-selling book How to Measure Anything in Cyber Risk. Along with his co-author, Douglas Hubbard, Seiersen lays a foundation for anyone, from security practitioners to business leaders, to identify, measure, and then manage cyber risks to their businesses.

To be successful in today’s digital economy, every organization must now be Cyber Resilient. This requires balancing risk acceptance, risk mitigation, and risk transfer in order to assess, measure, and manage cyber risk in an integrated and economically efficient manner. Measuring this risk in quantifiable terms is the first step in building Cyber Resilience. As Resilience’s Chief Cyber Resilience Officer, Seiersen is both the top advocate and innovator for helping clients along this path, and the new edition of his book provides a clear roadmap for any organization struggling with where to get started on this journey.

The Second Edition of How to Measure Anything in Cyber Risk includes new examples and modeling methods, including how to effectively leverage expert opinion into quantitative methods for analyzing risk.

“Doug and I have been passionate our entire careers about providing practical tools to help lower risk,” said Seiersen. “I’ve been lucky to observe how a range of different companies in the healthcare, finance, and technology fields manage this risk as a security leader myself. My goal for this book is to pass on what I have learned and help provide the foundational tools for those practitioners that are building the future of cyber risk management.”

“This book arms the CISO of the future with the tools needed to make business-relevant decisions. These tools will empower leaders to build organizational cybersecurity resilience against an ever-changing cyber risk landscape,” said Resilience CEO Vishaal “V8” Hariprasad. “I couldn’t be more proud to have Rich on our team, helping advocate for Cyber Resilience with our clients. He has made a huge impact, and our clients directly benefit from his hard work.”

To celebrate the launch of Seiersen’s second edition, he and co-author Douglas Hubbard will be honored with a reception held by Resilience on May 24th marking the start of the annual RSA security conference in San Francisco. Seiersen will host several training sessions on Building a Defensible Cybersecurity Budget, inspired by the book’s methodology, at the RSA security conference in San Francisco, California and the RIMS insurance conference in Atlanta, Georgia. RSVP links for all events can be found below.

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