OgenaShield Pure Oxygen® HD Shampoo available on Amazon.com

STONEY CREEK, Ontario, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ogena Solutions is pleased to announce that our OgenaShield Pure Oxygen® HD Shampoo is now listed for sale on Amazon.com along with our 500ml bottles and family of applicators (US only). View our listing.

About OgenaShield Pure Oxygen® HD Shampoo

Ogena Solutions Pure Oxygen® HD Shampoo is a 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, and veterinarian-recommended way to clean and deodorize dogs, cats, horses and cattle. This rinse-free, fragrance-free animal shampoo converts to oxygen and water vapor, leaves absolutely no active residue and works gently to relieve the animal’s itchy and irritated skin. Besides being excellent for general shampooing Pure Oxygen® has been specifically formulated for use in Ogena’s ANIVAC animal bathing systems. When diluted 50/50 with water Pure Oxygen® HD Shampoo can also be used in other bathing units.

Product Testimonials

I’m impressed with this product. Works better than any oral meds or topical or other shampoos I’ve tried in 6 years for animals with skin problems! – Lynn C.

Cleared up my dog's infection when antibiotics wouldn't work. Highly recommend it. – Anonymous

Fostered cats for 15 years and recently came across a ringworm fungal strain that was resistant to miconazole topical, terbinafine oral and topical, itraconazole oral and everything else on the planet. This was THE only thing that got rid of it. Miracle product. – S.T.

About Ogena Solutions

Ogena Solutions is a One Health organization focused on safeguarding animals, people and the environment from pathogens and infectious diseases. We offer a Next Generation version of PCO air purifiers, foamers, topicals, application equipment, vacuum systems, and more. All of our products meet a high standard for safety, efficacy, and efficiency, as well as expert protocols for optimum results. Our team has extensive experience working on infection prevention and biosecurity in the veterinary, farm/agriculture, animal shelter and boarding kennel sectors, and we work closely with government agencies, public leaders, corporations and small business owners to implement best practices for the health and safety of their employees, customers and the general public.

For more information, please contact:
Chama Gomez
BD & Technical Support Mgr - U.S.
1-855-900-8822 ext. 227

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OgenaShield Pure Oxygen® HD Shampoo OgenaShield Pure Oxygen HD Shampoo OgenaShield Pure Oxygen HD Shampoo - Veterinary Recommended