How is this humane or ethical, asks the Animal Protection Party of Canada

TORONTO, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A letter received through Freedom of Information, through Animal Justice, from the Ontario Sporting Dog Association (date not included) exposes the cruelty of train and trial compounds, says the Animal Protection Party of Canada.

“Coyotes, fox, cottontails and varying hares are exposed to continuous harassment by dogs, ATVs, and numerous participants in the train and trial events,” said Liz White, Party Leader.

“According to the Ontario Sporting Dog Association letter, some of the compounds have as many as fifty guys training their dogs weekly,” said White. “In addition, the number of people attending the training and trialing events – 75 competitors, 24 judges and 2 dozen kids over a 3-day period - would cause additional stress. How would running dogs in a competition over a 3-day period be humane even if the wild animals were not killed?”

This activity cannot be considered humane by any animal welfare standard. The Association claims to be looking for a safe place to train their dogs. However, the letter makes no mention of a safe environment for the wild animals who are used to train the dogs.

“The Association claims that the participants have complete control of the hounds in training and trialing areas and claims that the compounds completely eliminate the chasing of non-target wildlife species,” said Lesley Sampson, Coyote Watch Canada. “How is it possible to claim complete control of the dogs?”

“The government could easily solve this issue by allowing train and trial compounds without the involvement of any wild animals through scent training. The dogs would be safe and wildlife would not be chased to exhaustion and in some cases killed,” said Barry MacKay, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada.

“I think the government should go one step further and eliminate the use of wild animals as bait both in compounds and on the landscape,” added White. “Pitting many dogs against an individual wildlife victim is barbaric, cruel and inhumane.”

“It is clear that the government does not intend to listen to Ontarians who are shocked by this legislation,” said Sampson. “Bill 91, an omnibus bill which includes increasing the training and trialing compounds, is already in Third Reading and will pass into law soon. Under the current government, wildlife abuse is being ignored and the public trust is clearly broken. No wonder Ontario voters feel like they have no say.”

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