McGill Productions Wins Best Brand Storytelling, Defeating Virgin Atlantic & Amazon in Brand Film Awards

McGill Productions celebrates its third win of the year, triumphing over major players like Virgin Atlantic and IWC’s Lewis Hamilton collaboration in Campaign and PR Weeks’ Brand Film Awards

LANCASTER, United Kingdom, June 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Launched in 2015 by Campaign and PRWeek, the prestigious Brand Film Awards recognises outstanding creativity, storytelling, and production in the world of branded content. The video titled ‘A Creative State of Mind’ participated in the Consumer Goods category alongside Virgin Atlantic’s noteworthy ‘I Am What I Am’ advert and Amazon’s heartwarming and festive ‘Snow Globe’ film. ‘A Creative State of Mind’ garnered acclaim for its ability to convey a “fun, relatable story that introduces the brand to a new audience in an innovative way.”

Although working with smaller budgets than their competitors, the McGill Productions team succeeded by putting the focus on storytelling, creating a narrative that was aspirational, attainable, and relatable to Brother Sewing’s audience. The brand film followed a budding young fashion designer, who, after purchasing one of Brother’s Airflow 3000 machines, finds that her side hustle quickly turns into a full-time business. Inspired by the hustle culture that arose during the pandemic, this fresh, new direction worked well for the brand, with Brother’s testimonial stating:

“We loved working with you and are so impressed with the quality of the films/photos that came from these shoots. It was amazing watching you ‘get’ the product, the feel we wanted, and translate it into these amazing assets!” - Sarah Tarmaster, Marketing Expert for Brother.

Based in Lancaster, McGill Productions' client portfolio includes the likes of Manchester United, Virgin Voyages, and Expedia. This latest recognition further solidifies the company’s standing as one of the UK’s premier video production agencies.

Co-founder and Managing Director Shane Ogley expressed his delight at the news, stating, “What a tremendous way to celebrate our ongoing partnership with Brother. We faced elite competition from high-budget agencies and television commercials, such as the widely recognised ‘I Am What I Am’ advert for Virgin Atlantic. Still, by harnessing the power of storytelling and allowing ourselves to explore what we could do creatively, we were able to stand out from the crowd and secure first place.”

Since its inception in 2017 by Ogley and Harry McGill, the company has enjoyed a steady upward trajectory, doubling the size of its team since 2020 and embarking on projects across four continents, continuously fueling their creative passion and seeking out compelling stories to tell.


April Gonzalez

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Brand Film Awards Winners McGill Productions' Managing Director hold their trophy.