King's University College deepens ties with India through academic and cultural partnership

LONDON, Ontario, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To foster academic and cultural collaboration between India and Canada, King’s University College signed a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with an Indian educational institution during its recent India visit, this time with GD Goenka University in Delhi. Aimed to facilitate cross-border collaborations, the King’s delegation, led by Dr. David C. Malloy, King’s President, and Dr. Tracy Cunningham, Director of Enrolment Services and Registrar, ended the successful India visit on a high note with the signing. (The first MOU on the India trip was signed with Don Bosco International School in Mumbai.)

Speaking about the new association, Dr. Malloy said, “Intra-institute partnerships are a key element of King’s internationalization objectives. These partnerships will provide an exciting launchpad for further collaboration in various arenas including mobility of staff, students, professors and researchers. We look forward to cooperation and development with each team to further the internationalization objectives for everyone associated. This term, 22.8% of King’s students are international, and we are wanting to increase the number of students in that group who are originally from India. The programs through these MOUs come at the right time for us. Our students from India are great leaders on campus academically and they get involved in campus life.”

The MOU signed between King’s and GD Goenka is based on organizing future student pathways and exchanges, faculty mobility, joint research activities and collaborating on other bilateral academic cooperation between the universities over the next five years. One King’s faculty member, Dr. Lynne Jackson, Professor and Department Chair of Psychology at King’s, has already supported GD Goenka by presenting a virtual workshop.

Prof. B. S. Satyanarayana, Vice Chancellor, GD Goenka University, said, “This partnership will go a long way in encouraging our students’ aspirations. We hope that the association births the next generation of citizens who lead global communities. Such collaborations are helpful for cultural understanding and collaboration between two nations, and could benefit the students and faculty of both universities.” GD Goenka, having extensive experience through its International Partnerships and Student Mobility, is looking forward to having King’s exchange students on its campus. King’s, too, looks forward to the exchange.

As detailed in the MOU, this initiative will also enable the exchange of lectures, seminars, workshops, research projects, programs, information, teaching materials, and publications. An International Students’ Bridging program is designed for international students attending King’s, and supports new international students at the beginning of each term to orient themselves to life at King’s and Canada.

Both new partnerships between King’s and Indian educational institutions mark a milestone that signifies India’s growth in the international higher education market. Leaders at all of the institutions believe that these partnerships will benefit pathways for students, faculty, and staff involved as an opportunity to develop new perspectives, ideas, and knowledge.

In addition to this, to tap into the ever-growing study-abroad market in India, Dr. Malloy also announced the King’s International Student Award, a financial support initiative with a maximum value of $32,000 Canadian dollars available to eligible Indian applicants starting their study abroad journey at King’s in fall 2023 and beyond.

These announcements are a significant step towards building Indo-Canadian cross-border relations, while improving the flux of talent, academic and cultural exchange between the two countries.

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