Collab democratizes student housing real estate with first-of-its-kind community-based asset management platform

Collab’s “community-centric” vision extends to investment opportunities, making access to this historically stable and high-performing sector available through fractional shares

ORINDA, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collab, a real estate investment and asset management company that offers opportunities for co-owning income-generating student housing properties, announced today its industry-first community-based asset management platform serving the U.S. student housing market. Within fewer than three years, the unique platform operates eight investment properties, totaling more than $50 million in assets under management.

Collab’s first-of-its-kind platform removes traditional intermediaries with a unique approach that strengthens the relationship between tenants and owners by streamlining every aspect of property ownership and maintenance, fostering a self-reliant community and incentivizing shared responsibility.

“At Collab, we’re relentlessly challenging the status quo to reshape an industry that desperately needs a breath of fresh air,” said Qian Wang, Collab’s founder and CEO. “With our profound understanding of real estate investment and an unwavering commitment to benefiting stakeholders and tenants, we’re breaking down old barriers and stagnant practices to bring a wave of positive changes to the real estate investment landscape, shifting the culture in both student housing and investing to ultimately create disruptive value.”

Collab employs a groundbreaking perspective with a community-first approach to all aspects of its business: Investors earn monthly dividends through co-ownership of income-generating student housing properties via fractional shares, tenants have access to housing strategically acquired near universities such as UC Berkeley, UMass and Rutgers, and both tenants and investors can sign up to be “Community Pros” and earn money by performing maintenance or completing other property management tasks. 

The unique decentralized and autonomous asset and investment management platform delivers the following benefits:

Barrier-breaking fractional investment opportunities: By offering Securities and Exchange Commission-compliant Regulation A+ fractional shares at a low entry point of $500, Collab gives everyone access to a curated selection of high-potential student housing assets near prestigious universities. Investors earn returns through monthly rental income and property appreciation, with dividends distributed in proportion to investment amounts every month. Providing various options to build a well-balanced portfolio, the unique platform delivers investment opportunities with strong market fundamentals and the potential for increased property values. 
Recession-proof prime asset class: The demand for student housing remains consistent and resilient, with states increasing enrollment and the number of students pursuing higher education continually rising. Plus, student housing tends to be less affected by economic downturns, with the demand for education remaining high and housing being a recurring expense for students. 
Seamless asset management: Users can effortlessly manage and track student housing real estate investments in Collab’s centralized investor dashboard anytime.
Community Pro program: With no full-time on-site property managers or third-party agents, Collab pays skilled tenants or investors for property maintenance tasks that match their abilities. Plus, the platform offers access to a network of trusted property management professionals specialized in student housing when a task requires additional expertise. By streamlining property management tasks and workflows, the platform saves time and costs and increases operational efficiency.
Transparent communication channels: Every Collab community has a dedicated Discord channel to foster open and transparent communication across stakeholders, promoting enhanced relationships and tenant satisfaction.

“Collab’s close connection to each community and understanding of the importance of fostering a thriving and supportive environment makes a world of difference. Collab's dedication to our community's success is evident in every interaction,” said Adam Schneider, a Berkeley-area tenant. “Our Collab community is so much more than just a place to live — it’s a place to thrive academically and socially and to connect, collaborate and grow. Collab is truly setting a new standard for community-driven living, investment and property management.” 

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About Collab
Collab is a real estate investment and asset management company taking a decentralized approach to property management with a first-of-its-kind asset management platform serving the U.S. student housing market. Founded in 2020, the company transforms student housing and asset management for all through a unique community-centered approach. Collab’s vertically integrated platform streamlines every aspect of property ownership and maintenance, inherently fostering a thriving community that incentivizes shared responsibility. By offering fractional shares, Collab makes entering the market and gaining direct access to institutional-quality real estate that can diversify a portfolio and remain recession-proof easier than ever. For more information about how Collab transforms student housing and management for everyone, please visit