Basis Technologies Launches Solution Suite for Privacy-Compliant Digital Advertising

BasisConnect+ Enables Highly Targeted Campaigns that Don’t Sacrifice Performance or Consumer Privacy; Combines First-Party Data Activation, Audience Optimization and Cookieless Media

CHICAGO, June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Basis Technologies (, a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, today announced a solution suite for high-performance, privacy-compliant digital advertising. BasisConnect+ is available in the Basis media automation platform and provides marketers with first-party data activation, audience optimization and cookieless media buying. Marketers can use Basis to activate highly targeted campaigns without sacrificing performance or consumer privacy. Its newest capability enables a brand to use its CRM data for its agency to find its customers across the web, while staying in compliance with U.S. government regulations on the sharing of personally identifiable information (PII) of customers.

Identifying users through signals they generate on digital channels has been a core factor of effective digital advertising. However, as users become more educated and concerned about their privacy, technology developers and regulatory organizations have taken the responsibility of enforcing privacy for consumers. As a result, traditional methods of online personalization to fine-tune ad targeting and messages are meeting resistance. This has caused advertisers to deploy strategies appropriate for a privacy-centric digital ecosystem.

“Marketers are rightfully being pressured to change the tactics that were commonplace in digital advertising for two decades. The challenge now is to connect with customers, personalize user experiences, drive media efficiency and track conversions all without the use of third-party cookies and device IDs,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Basis Technologies. “BasisConnect+ combines a wide range of technology that agencies and brands need to move forward as responsible marketers respectful of user privacy.”

Earlier this year, Basis released an in-platform feature for uploading CRM data to target existing customers across any digital device. However, agencies using Basis to manage campaigns for brands may be restricted from receiving their clients’ customer data for conversion to person-based identifiers for digital advertising. Brands typically have to arrange separate deals with separate vendors to create identifiers for their customers and then pass that data to be used by their agency, which adds to the friction in the media workflow. To automate this process, Basis added new functionality enabling an agency’s client to access the CRM upload functionality through a unique and secure Web URL. This ensures that only the brand is managing its own customers’ PII while its agency partner receives first-party audience segments for programmatic ad targeting.

BasisConnect+ provides robust technology for driving ad performance. It is built on the pillars of first-party data, audience optimization and cookieless media. Featured tools are:

First-party data

  • AI-driven look-alike modeling with TruAudience by Transunion to find people who look like a marketer’s typical valuable customer.
  • First-party CRM data automated uploads with LiveRamp to find current customers across any digital channel.

Audience optimization

  • Insights and profiling software provides a view of potential customers across seven data categories to give marketers deeper understanding of their audience and what may resonate with them.
  • Cookieless conversion tracking, proprietary technology in Basis, measures click-throughs in cookieless environments.
  • Machine-learning optimization analyzes campaign parameters sans cookies or mobile IDs to adjust media buying to meet campaign goals.

Cookieless media

  • Basis automates buying on media without third-party cookies, such as publisher-direct, CTV audiences (through BasisTV+), private marketplace deals and programmatic guaranteed.
  • Contextual targeting with 2000 segments from leading data partners, including Peer39.

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