AssistRx Launches Advanced Gateway to Address Increasing Demands of Patient Support Programs

Single API Integration Delivers Tech-first Access Solutions, Comprehensive Program Insights and Reduced Implementation Time

ORLANDO, Fla., June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AssistRx, the advanced therapy initiation and patient solutions provider, recently launched Advanced Gateway, a first-to-market single API integration that rapidly deploys comprehensive tech-first, self-service patient and healthcare provider (HCP) access solutions. Through one integration and under the product’s branded experience, life sciences organizations gain standardized, actionable program data, while no longer needing multiple vendor partnerships to power the patient journey.

Advanced Gateway was built in response to the growing demands placed upon patient support programs. These programs – or hubs – were originally built to provide a single point of contact with patients to navigate reimbursement services. Today these programs help patients and HCPs overcome access hurdles, address affordability concerns and support patient adherence through clinical services. For many patient support programs, this results in multiple vendors, multiple portals and FTE-driven staffing models that are difficult to scale to HCP and patient needs.

“Imagine standing up patient support technology in a matter of weeks, not months. With Advanced Gateway, life sciences organizations can quickly implement solutions that are modular, scalable and integrated into frontend access channels and backend operations,” said AssistRx President and CEO Jeff Spafford. “It’s this level of innovation that puts AssistRx at the forefront of the industry’s efforts to modernize our healthcare system and support patients throughout their journeys.”

Advanced Gateway delivers multiple AssistRx tech-first products in one integration on life sciences organizations’ access channels, while maintaining the ability to be configured to provide human intervention for complex cases. Products include:

  • e-Consent: Digital capture of patient consent obtained at the point of care or virtually at the patient’s convenience through email, text, brand website or
  • Advanced Benefit Verification: Comprehensive pharmacy benefit coverage information delivered in under 15 seconds using just five patient identifiers. Returns include coverage, out-of-pocket (OOP) cost, access restrictions, coverage alerts, formulary status, employer, fill options and more.
  • e-Medical Benefit Verification (e-MedBV): Extensive medical benefit coverage information delivered in under 15 seconds. Returns include plan name; payer name and type; effective and termination dates; and individual/family deductible and OOP year to date, per year and remaining.
  • Patient Coverage Check: Patient-facing pharmacy coverage information delivered in under three seconds. Results include coverage status and access restrictions.
  • Advanced Prior Authorization: Digital tool returns patient plan- and product-specific PA question set and enables real-time PA submission with payer/PBM decisions returned in minutes. Only relevant questions and response options are presented, and LOEs/LMNs can be included.
  • Advanced Clinical Documentation: Comprehensive patient-specific clinical summary data pulled and delivered in real time to drive efficiencies related to drug utilization reviews and PA support. 
  • e-PAP and e-Copay: End-to-end, technology-first solution that enables real-time automated consent, BV, eligibility screening, enrollment and card/voucher download, all in one workflow.

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