Vimeo and Rev Partner to Make Video Accessible

Creators can now reach a global audience with captions and subtitles

AUSTIN, Texas, June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rev, the world’s most accurate speech-to-text platform, announced its partnership with Vimeo, the leading all-in-one video solution, to be its caption and global subtitle provider. This is a landmark integration that will automatically create accessible, searchable videos for all users, and allow them to meet compliance standards right from within the Vimeo hub. Pairing powerful AI with human expertise, Rev has pioneered the reduction of bias in AI across languages, dialects and genders. This universal accuracy makes Rev the right partner to expand Vimeo’s reach to a diverse, global audience.

The partnership comes at a critical time when video is booming and captions are the new norm. With nearly 1 in 20 U.S. adults having some level of difficulty hearing, captions are not only crucial for accessibility, but equally necessary to meet the demands of the changing viewer. In a recent study, more than 70 percent of Gen Z and half of Millennials reported using subtitles frequently. The rules have changed: People no longer watch videos without captions, they just keep scrolling. 

“Vimeo has redefined storytelling, making it easy for anyone to tell great stories,” said Jason Chicola, CEO, Rev. “With Rev, those stories can reach the world. We are committed to delivering the most accurate captions in every language, advancing our mission to understand the human voice.”

Investing in unbiased technology that represents all voices accurately is a priority for Vimeo with its global audience of nearly 300 million users. Unlike any other speech engine, Rev has spent a decade training its model on millions of hours of diverse, real-world data. Combined with thousands of human transcriptionists who in real-time edit the model’s output for near-perfect accuracy, Rev has proactively reduced bias for gender, ethnicity, languages and backgrounds. The result is unmatched accuracy across a spectrum of voices, empowering Vimeo’s creators to reach a limitless audience, and meet ADA and FCC video compliance standards.

“We’ve built the leading platform for elevating human expression,” said Ashraf Alkarmi, CPO at Vimeo, 2023 Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Company. “We continue to advance this mission by providing a seamless experience for storytellers to create meaningful videos that drive engagement and connection. As we continue to enhance our product for a global audience, partners that uphold standards as Rev does with unbiased accuracy are pivotal to us surpassing what’s possible for Vimeo.” 

Rev is powering auto-captions for Vimeo’s half-million VOD and live videos daily, an integration that will automatically create accessible, searchable videos. To achieve compliance, users can upgrade to 99% accurate videos, or add global subtitles in 17+ languages without ever leaving Vimeo. Additionally, Rev users can upload captioned videos directly to Vimeo, its video platform of choice. This seamless experience exceeds creator demands for quality and speed, delivering human-edited captions within 24 hours and automatic captions in minutes. Learn more about how to create globally accessible videos seamlessly.

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