ConnectWise Partner Program Members Average 10% Higher Recurring Revenue Than Peers — Here's How

Invested in helping partners reach their full potential

ORLANDO, Fla., June 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), continues to provide exceptional service to MSPs with the ConnectWise Partner Program by increasing investments and empowering its partners with the tools they need to uplevel their brand and organization prowess.

Across a wide variety of categories, ConnectWise has brought unparalleled energy and focus to the task of helping TSPs thrive. These efforts have come to fruition through the ConnectWise Partner Program that was created for MSPs who want go-to-market strategy, marketing support, and sales guidance to achieve their most ambitious vision of success. This program is free to join for ConnectWise partners, and it has been the recipient of numerous awards in both the United States and internationally for leadership and excellence among industry partner programs. Currently, the program focuses on helping ConnectWise partners go to market with cybersecurity and business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services, with plans to expand the offering over the next 12 months.

Supporting Partner Growth
Marketing and sales have always been an area that TSPs struggle with, which is why in 2023, ConnectWise has intensified its efforts to help TSPs generate leads and win deals with ease.

Partners have access to an extensive library of white-labeled, out-of-the-box marketing campaigns and assets equipped with messaging that relates directly to TSPs’ end-clients. Whether used as-is or as a jumping-off point for more personalized initiatives these marketing materials have saved TSPs time and assisted in the acquisition of countless new clients on the part of its Partners.

With the help of these assets and campaigns, ConnectWise Partner Program participants have launched hundreds of marketing campaigns so far this year. ConnectWise will help with many more campaigns by the end of the year, with new white-label out of the box campaigns planned for release each month. "The marketing portal is filled with excellent educational resources and pre-built marketing campaigns that any TSP could take advantage of," said Mason Cone, ConnectWise partner and Marketing Manager at Aldridge.

ConnectWise also makes millions of dollars in funds available to MSPs to invest in their marketing initiatives to fuel further growth. “The marketing funds that ConnectWise have provided us have given us the opportunity to expand our marketing efforts and be more comfortable trying out new ways to engage our customers and prospects," said Cone. And according to Mark Banens, ConnectWise partner and CEO of Bizitts "The biggest add on to the ConnectWise Partner Program for us in particular has been the co-op funds that they share back to us so that we can use that money for our marketing efforts.”

In addition, for TSPs without the time or past experience to organize successful live events, ConnectWise has smoothed the process significantly. In 2023 alone ConnectWise has supported over 100 marketing events for partners by assisting with everything from event planning, recruitment to on-site speaker support, and attendee follow-up.

The ConnectWise Partner Program team works together to help partners through every stage of the marketing and sales funnel. An example of this is how the team works together on partner events. The Partner Marketing team works with partners on event planning and attendee recruitment. Principal Solution Advisors then travel across the country to deliver presentations at these events to help TSPs position themselves as thought leaders. Attendee follow up advice comes from Partner Development Managers that coach partners through the sales process and jump on calls with TSP’s prospects to co-sell as needed. Banens notes that ConnectWise's event capabilities have proven to be "a money maker for us."

The investment that partners are making in marketing and sales is certainly paying off. While partners in the program generally spend more on sales and marketing expenses, they are 17% more profitable when compared to the average TSP. Partners in the program also have about 10% higher recurring revenue than an average TSP at a 4 times faster growth.

Looking Ahead into the Future
As the year progresses, ConnectWise continues to look for ways to bring further innovation to the Partner Program. “We are always evaluating the investments we make and asking for feedback to ensure the resources that we provide our partners are truly making an impact. As our team continues to look for areas to make new investments, we feel there is an opportunity to meet our partners where they are in their individual journey” says Maddie Metheny, Manager of Partner Program Marketing at ConnectWise.

One way that ConnectWise is looking to do this is by integrating Modes Theory™ into the journeys that partners are provided in the program. ConnectWise’s Modes Theory posits that growth is impossible without looking inward, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the values and ambitions at the core of a TSP’s business. TSPs are categorized as one of four Modes: Start Up, Balance Builder, Value Builder or Empire Builder.

50% of ConnectWise partners who are identified as Empire Builders are Partner Program members. Empire Builders seek swift growth and are willing to make short term sacrifices for substantial monetary gain. 54% of partners that are identified as Value Builders are Partner Program Members as well. Value Builders focus on consistent, long-term value by keeping growth and profitability in mind. This data confirms that the partners in the ConnectWise Partner Program are dedicated to growing their businesses and are looking for further resources to help them on their journey.

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