AI-Based Health Screening Company iHealthScreen Reaches $150K in Investments

iHealthScreen is an AI-driven, HIPAA-compliant medtech company with incoming product traction in several international markets, using AI to scalably screen for retinal diseases, stroke and heart disease and prevent blindness, deaths and disabilities

RICHMOND HILL, N.Y., June 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AI-based health screening company iHealthScreen recently announced raising $150,000 in investments on StartEngine. To date, the company has raised $3 million+ in seed and NIH funding combined. 

iHealthScreen presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on AI-driven health screening software developed by medical professionals who are emerging leaders in this multi-billion-dollar market. This integrated, retinal imaging-based system is unprecedented in the surgical robotics industry. 

iHealthScreen is the first company in the world to receive CE certification and Australian and UAE health approvals for age-related macular degeneration (“AMD”), diabetic retinopathy (“DR”) and glaucoma screening. Additionally, hospitals aren’t required for the company’s surgical robotics to be used; its systems can be incorporated into primary care provider facilities at the local level.  

U.S. testing is known to be cost prohibitive for the people that need it most, and primary care providers don't have the resources to do more than basic screenings. This leaves patients without the screening they need and can potentially result in serious health consequences.

iHealthScreen is taking advantage of this problem by developing a fast, easy, accessible and low-cost solution for eye disease screening.

Investment Highlights:

  • Raised $750K as seed funding.
  • Awarded $2.7M in NIH funding.
  • Working on securing additional research grants.
  • One U.S. patent (the first patent in late AMD prediction).
  • One patent is pending, with four provisional patent applications submitted.
  • Existing customers already in place.

For those interested in iHealthScreen and its crowdfunding raise, visit the company’s raise page on StartEngine to learn more.

About iHealthScreen

iHealthScreen’s integrated, retinal imaging-based system makes the company one of the first in the world to receive CE certification, Australian and UAE health approvals for AMD, DR and glaucoma screening. The company is gaining international traction with contracts in the U.S., E.U., Bangladesh and UAE and has been collaborating with Global Victoria in Australia. 

Company Contact:
Alauddin Bhuiyan
Founder and CEO 
New York, NY 11418

Wire Service Contact:
Los Angeles, California
310.299.1717 Office